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Brain Embassy Acoustic

We took coworking to the next level, calling it co-creating. The idea of co-creating is based on a simple notion that together we can be smarter, we can do more good, we can simply do things better. Consciously, with the involvement of our partners and Brainers, we are building healthy, vibrant and at the same time innovative place to facilitate the work and personal development of our community. We had many reasons to put co-creating in our DNA and base on it the whole concept. You can find it in our designing process, the way we build community and develop people with our program. And what’s important: Brain Embassy is not a finished, closed project, we appreciate its organic and open formula which invites co-creation!

Co-creating in Brain Embassy’s design

Activity-based working increases motivation and concentration at work.

Activity-Based Working offering different solutions for different tasks have proven to be very effective as it increases people’s creativity and ability to perform at work. Instead of having set desks to work from, co-workers can choose from a wide range of working environments depending on their needs; quiet rooms and ergonomic workplaces dedicated to privacy and concentrated work, closed or open meeting rooms, project areas and phone booths. In the ABW office, you have the opportunity to meet the needs of many different personality types. Some people are introverts, seeking seclusion and quiet environments in order to concentrate. Others are extroverts, flourishing in group environments. A pronounced improvement in health can be observed in workplaces where employees always have options for how and where they want to work. According to a survey from Superlab, the efficiency in an Activity-Based Working office is 14 percent higher than in a traditional cubicle office.

By understanding deeply the importance of regeneration and well-being in our spaces and building the “BE effect” worldwide, we create a “must have” list for every location:

  • nap room/meditation room
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • enjoy the silence room
  • keep on moving zone
  • living room
  • phonebooths

Every square meter is different but functional

This is the ground rule for designing Brain Embassy - the element of surprise and novum on every square meter, but in a harmony and with a function. Also, every item, piece of furniture we put in the space has a purpose and function. We don’t put gadgets. We like to make the WOW effect in every location, in BE Jerozolimskie, Warsaw this is a high living room with a tree house, in BE Postępu Warsaw this is a big tribune for open events, in BE Konstruktorska it will be an open-air amphitheater - a part of Brain Embassy.

Natural light for every Brainer

We spend 90% of worktime indoors, which is why all windows - the source of natural light - affect our wellbeing and performance. Windows let in daylight we need and provide views that change with every passing hour. Fewer walls and more windows is a major part of our concept. All Brainers can enjoy a close window with a view to an inspiring city landscape. We need plenty of light in order to work. A good task lamp should provide the right amount of glare-free light and be easy to move, depending on the individual requirements of the employee. Many office workers today complain of Computer Vision Syndrome, which causes eyestrain and headaches. As computers and tablets are backlit, our eyes need more light to balance the contrast between the screen and the ambient light around our desks. Modern task lamps combine quality light with individual control which allows people at work to direct light away from their eyes and reflective surfaces to avoid glare. 

Acoustics that gives you privacy

Silence is another challenging aspect for every coworking space. But yes, we proved it is possible. We use revolutionary solutions to make people feel comfortable in their own offices but also in common places. It is not a matter of creating absolutely silent offices, but rather of balancing noise levels and finding suitable sound environments for all kinds of activities. Creative work with colleagues is better done in an environment with a bit of a buzz. But for doing individual, focused work at your desk, surrounding conversations can be very distracting. This is something sound absorbers help us and our Brainers with. With wall and ceiling hung screens by Kinnarps, we effectively improve the acoustic environment of your office. Ceiling and wall screens are clever in that they do not take up any floor or table space. Aside from being aesthetically attractive, they make office cleaning easier.

Inclusive design - respecting DIVERSITY

The furniture we choose by Kinnarps supports various activities during the day, and in the Brain Embassy they also serve many different people. To meet the criterion of flexibility in matching the function and needs of the user, furniture must be designed in a way that allows it to be adapted to anthropomorphic parameters to the greatest extent. We call it inclusive design, i.e. one that allows the furniture to be used by the largest group of people, regardless of their height, weight, age, gender, temperament, well-being, fitness, and activity level. Inclusive design is a trend in design that covers the widest possible social groups. It is the opposite of exclusivity - it creates objects useful for both children and the elderly, people with various types of disabilities, and its task is to integrate by enabling or facilitating social participation of people who are more difficult for various reasons.

Sustainable furniture

Sustainability in business is crucial for us, since we do believe we can make a difference in the world by choosing responsibly. Moreover, more and more consumer choices made by young and future generations that soon will be main workforce (like Z) are based on sustainable activity of organization - they won’t buy or use service of the company that has negative effect on environment. That is why we chose Kinnarps, as sustainability is in their DNA and natural part of day to-day business. Kinnarps take responsibility throughout the whole production chain, all the way from the first design to the use, and reuse of products and always design furniture with a long life span. It can be refurbished, reused and recycled. Kinnarps choose raw materials carefully. 94% of the used wood material is certified or monitored by a third party. They take responsibility not only for their own production but also monitor suppliers’ premises on site. Kinnarps has own logistics chain, which makes it possible to optimise our transport. On every journey, they save 270 kilos of disposable packaging by wrapping furniture inblankets. By choosing sustainable materials and production methods, they provide Brain Embassy with healthy and long-lasting environment. They reuse almost everything in production. For instance, residual wood material provides a sustainable method of heating factories, and fabrics are used again in new products. As a furniture market game changer, Kinnarps introduced The Better Effect Index - the first comprehensive sustainability tool for interior solutions. In the index, products are evaluated and graded in six different areas, making it easier for you to make sustainable choices as well: ■ raw materials & resources ■ climate ■ pure materials ■ social responsibility ■ reuse ■ ergonomics

The design that stimulates

One of the reasons we enjoy nature and a good view, is that we crave sensory stimulation. Sensory stimulation can also positively affect focus and our ability to stay alert. If our work environment doesn’t stimulate our mind and senses, we loose motivation and focus. Rows of workstations, all in similar colours, set to the same height and with no individual features or the flat drone of air conditioning and computers fans isn’t typically the type of varied environment that stimulates productivity. Music, lighting, tone and texture variations provide pleasant stimulation necessary for productive work.  At Brain Embassy people discover how they like to work: 90% of them for the first time tried new working positions and furniture different just than a desk with a chair. We invite them to explore: where are you more focused, more creative, what this room can make you feel like? Observe, feel. Seating is new smoking, so we have many solutions that help to move while working. Every location is designed to raise creativity, productivity and focus at work and we collect numbers for a proof of concept with our regular satisfaction surveys. Movement increases blood circulation and the release of proteins and hormones that boost wellbeing and reduce tension. As office workers often work in sedentary sitting positions, encouraging movement brings numerous benefits for wellbeing and productivity. Movement creates energy - a buzz people feel the moment they enter Brain Embassy. As technology continues to change the way we work, flexible workspaces have the added benefit of increased interactions and chances for encounters that spark innovation! That is why we invite people to do micro-moves at work - the design itself helps to do it – keep-on-moving zones, yoga/boxing/ bike areas, elevation desks but also necessity to walk a small distance to trash bins, to get water, coffee or when “nature calls”. We also educate about this micro moves with Body Talks sessions for Brainers. We explained our intentions in design like in museum so people really could see the difference -“Brainy facts” (we include them in Brain Cloud), like e.g. Brainstorm Room: “Make your work effective by using places that stimulate senses and encourage movement. A height-adjustable table makes it easy to change one’s position during meetings and balancing on Boullee sitting balls will not only improve your spine’s flexibility, but it will also stimulate thinking and help you reduce tension. Can you see the difference in the quality of the meetings that take place here?” Additionally, we put many metaphors in the space that can be inspiring and people can use it in their businesses. E.g: what can a surf-inspired room bring to the meeting? The place can set our thinking for the meeting and prompt relevant questions: How can we be agile? How can we achieve balance? And how can you feel powerful, overpowered, powerless?

Space inspired by wisdom of nature

Most people enjoy a walk in a park, a forest or by the sea. Nature does good things to the human brain - it makes us healthier, happier, and provides plenty of sensory stimulation. Nature also helps alleviate stress symptoms and bringing natural elements into a workspace, stimulates our minds and increases wellbeing. Incorporating direct or indirect element of nature indoors like: open spaces with plants or trees, the sound of running water, wooden interior walls and a view outside have been demonstrated through research to reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, whilst increasing productivity, creativity and self-reported rates of well-being. There have been numerous studies over the last 35 years on the benefits to the built environment through improving a connection to nature, in work environment productivity can be increased by 8%, rates of well-being up by 13%, increases in creativity, with reduced absenteeism and presenteeism.

High-quality design as hallmarks

You can see the quality of materials with the naked eye and feel it under your hand. This distinguishes Brain Embassy among every other coworking space in the world. Some of them are following our standards, others try to build top exclusive spaces. But the combination of high quality and the “feel like home” feeling is reserved for Brain Embassy worldwide. This is the first unique selling point that is appreciated by our Brainers.