New coworking space in Służewiec district! Brain Embassy Rzymowskiego will open in February 2024.

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Another spot on the map of Warsaw under the Brain Embassy's banner! Our newest location is located in the Adgar Wave building, at 53 Wincentego Rzymowskiego St. We plan to open the coworking space on the 8th floor of the office building in February 2024, but you can reserve the space in a pre-sale now.

An office where you want to be!

The design of the newest coworking space on Rzymowskiego Street was designed in a marine style. Brainers will be able to work surrounded by a lighthouse or relax in a nap room reminiscent of a ship's cabin! When creating the space, we want to positively stimulate the mind, supporting the well-being and productivity of users. That's why we choose eye-pleasing colors, natural materials, and ergonomic furniture for the interior.  

“Our spaces show that offices don't have to resemble the gray interiors of the 1990s at all, and can be a place where you want to be. When designing new locations, we want their design to energize users and evoke positive feelings. Each time, we draw inspiration from the location in which our coworking space is built. Thus, the location in the former seat of the Kwadrat Theater on Czackiego Street refers to the theater, the space in Adgar PDT Wola on Młynarska Street to the PRL era, and to design our newest space Brain Embassy Rzymowskiego we were inspired by the name of the Adgar Wave building where we got the idea for the nautical style.”

says Piotr Kwiatkowski, Deployment Manager at Brain Embassy.

A stable place to work

“The dynamic market situation makes now a good time for renting flexible workplaces in places such as coworking and serviced offices. With the development of Brain Embassy's location, above all, we guarantee our customers a sense of security. We are part of Adgar Poland, which makes us operators in our buildings, so we provide stability of tenancy.”

adds Monika Kaczmarczyk, Managing Director at Brain Embassy.

At Brain Embassy Rzymowskiego a set of our services awaits Brainers. So, on the 8th floor of the Adgar Wave building you will find functional open space, private offices, Company Units for companies that need larger spaces, as well as meeting, and conference or event rooms. 

In addition, the open space offers a variety of workstations, such as quiet workspaces, phone booths, and desks with adjustable top heights. Ergonomic, user-specific furniture and, for example, swings that introduce an element of mobility into a sedentary work mode and a sense of comfort. So when you visit our spaces, you have a rich selection of workstations and many solutions to take care of your body in a variety of ways. 

Are you interested in the Brain Embassy Rzymowskiego space? Visit the new coworking space's website →