Brain Embassy headquarters for new start-ups supported by the European Space Agency.

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Brain Embassy is the Mazovian headquarters of the business incubation center of the European Space Agency (ESA BIC Poland)! We have become an office space for start-ups supported by the project.

The conference "10 years of Poland in the European Space Agency" at the Ministry of Development and Technology was unique for the Polish space industry, as well as for our coworking brand! It was then that the agreement for the establishment of the ESA BIC incubator in Poland was signed. It provided young companies with management, hosting, and innovation support, which will raise their chances of success in the first phase of development.

The incubation of start-ups in Poland is implemented by the Industrial Development Agency S.A. in cooperation with the Incubation Centers in Warsaw and Rzeszow. Currently, 4 start-ups from the Mazowieckie Voivodeship and 2 from the Podkarpackie Voivodeship are participating in the project. Interest in the space industry and the program is so high that ESA BIC Poland has decided to conduct additional recruitment. The deadline for applications is October 6, 2023, so if you know someone who could benefit from the program, be sure to let them know!

What is the main goal of ESA BIC Poland?

First of all, to support the idea of entrepreneurship and the use of space technologies in various sectors of the economy, within the framework of an incubation program.

Space sector start-ups at Brain Embassy

At this moment we have offered coworking space to 4 start-ups that want to develop in the space industry.

“This is an eternal moment for our brand. ESA BIC is an ideal development path for start-ups, which we can support by providing companies with a favorable working environment. There are dozens of entities working on the incubation project on the Polish side, which also makes us very happy - it is a perfect example of co-creation, an idea we promote in our coworking spaces.”

Monika Kaczmarczyk, Chief Operating Officer at Brain Embassy, tells us.

With the topic of the space industry and Brain Embassy's activities, we must mention Absiskey Poland, which organizes monthly meetings called SpaceHub in our coworking spaces. During them, companies from the space sector present their projects to a wider audience. SpaceHub will also become an event dedicated to ESA BIC start-ups, and Absiskey Poland will also provide technical support to emerging start-ups.

In our tasks, we address issues concerning the possibilities of using satellite data within the Copernicus program, providing knowledge on where to look for the necessary information, and how to process satellite data. I am also glad that Brain Embassy participates in the incubation process of start-ups, enabling them to use a modern and friendly coworking space.”

adds Pawel Kwiatkowski, CEO of Absiskey Poland.

Read more about ESA BIC Poland: what support can space technology start-ups count on?

ESA BIC Poland has been launched in Poland, the aim of which is to support 35 startups using space technologies over 5 years. The support a startup receives is non-refundable financing - 50 thousand euros, business, legal and technological support - a total of 140 hours, and access to a wide range of domestic and foreign partners (the ESA BIC incubator network already has 29 locations in Europe). In Poland, the project is being implemented in two cities: Warsaw and Rzeszów. In Warsaw, 5 startups per year will be incubated, located in Brain Embassy spaces. The Industrial Development Agency S.A. is responsible for the implementation of the entire project, and the Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation is responsible for the incubation process in Warsaw.

 explains Michał Chwieduk, Head of ESA BIC Poland.

We are very excited to participate in this project to establish the European Space Agency's business incubation center, as this is a key event for the development of the sector in Poland.

The incubation process implemented by the Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation allows young companies to verify their business assumptions, as well as determine the optimal way to develop a product or embed themselves in the innovation ecosystem created within ESA BIC. At the same time, thanks to the involvement of technological and substantive partners of ESA BIC Poland, each incubated project receives expert support to an agreed extent, and access to R&D infrastructure or industry knowledge.

 Magdalena Jablonska, CEO of the Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation, adds.

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