This has never happened before! Our first video campaign to build awareness

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The past year has been a landmark year for us in many ways. We opened 2 new spaces. We tried new ways to grow even more as a coworking brand. One of the breakthrough steps was to launch our first awareness-building campaign in the Polish coworking market. 

Over the past year, together with our agency Berry Kolektyw Kreatywny, we conducted a series of interviews, organized brainstorming sessions, and asked clients about their feelings about Brain Embassy to get to the essence of the brand's business. In the process, we came to the conclusion that we are creating something much more than coworking. Brain Embassy is first and foremost a conducive work environment, which consists of a number of elements. With our design and development program, we positively influence the comfort and well-being of the space's users.”.

– mentions Agata Włoszek Web & Digital Project Manager at Brain Embassy.

Our latest campaign presented the benefits of Brain while blending them in with the atmosphere in coworking. We also showed how important our well-being is while performing our daily duties. Well-being and smart work are values strongly associated with our brand. We believe that everyone who visits our coworking spaces in Warsaw can feel it for themselves.

Together we are smarter

This is the motto that guides us at work every day. Being among other people, and freely exchanging thoughts and experiences allows us to grow. That's why, as part of Brain Embassy's development program, we offer a range of workshops, training, yoga classes, English and Spanish lessons, and networking. We give our users various opportunities to interact and inspire each other. Through workshops, training, and support from the Brain Embassy team, we aim to build a community of mutually supportive entrepreneurs.

An office that meets diverse needs

We wanted to present Brain Embassy through the eyes of office space users. This is a growing creative class that has its own specific needs and expectations. That's why we gave voice to the Brainers in the spots, showing them at their daily work - in open space, in a private office, or while organizing an event. With Brain Embassy's flexible offer, achieving business goals becomes much easier.”.

– adds Marcin Mystkowski, CEO of Berry Creative Collective.

The campaign consists of three video spots dedicated to separate products. We wanted authenticity, so we invited our Brainers to the campaign:
  • Sylvia Lewandowska-Akhvlediani, a business psychologist, and a leader transformation guide
  • Tomek Kotrych, a legend of Polish skateboarding from the Quiksilver
  • Rafal Abramczyk, founder of the developer brand hotelAG.

Each of the characters presents Brain Embassy from their own perspective. Our goal was to show the space as a place that responds to a variety of needs. Regardless of the nature of the user, work mode or industry.

In total, since the launch of the campaign (December 2022), the video spots on the YouTube channel have been viewed by more than 500,000 users. This is our first awareness-building campaign, and we already achieved so much!

Check out our spots:

Sylwia Lewandowska:
Tomek Kotrych:
Rafał Abramczyk: