Being a Brainer is a state of mind. Is knowing your identity, uniqueness, goals and aspirations, and at the same time, being a part of something bigger. ‎An opportunity to bring out the best that’s inside your brain and heart, together with your neighbours, partners, co-workers and visitors, while enjoying every second of the ride.

Being a Brainer is the freedom to choose: who you wanna be, how you love to work, who you love working with, and when.

90% of Brainers learned and improved their ways of working. They also declare to

be more effective, creative and focused at work.


Being a Brainer is starting your day with your favourite cup of coffee sitting at the kitchen bar with your mates, energizing yourself for the whole day. Then briefing with your team in a half open workplace. Then move to a more laid-back position on a hammock for a 10 minute nap. Mingle at the tribune or living room area.

Prepare your lunch at the fully equipped kitchen or order take-away with some friends or enjoying your own company. Meditate, snuggle, headstand or dance with your favourite energizer at the meditation room. Set a presentation or any kind of event in one of our unique spaces with the style you fancy at the moment.


Brain Embassy is the co-working space brand by Adgar Investments & Development Ltd, a global owner of commercial real estate.

Looking at a building, we don’t see walls, glass and wood. We see the people who spend long hours inside, and need a nourishing environment to restore their energies, inspiration & creativity.

Building long term relationships with our clients (which in some cases, lead to professional collaborations) & learning about their changing needs, pushes us to develop innovative lease concepts & work habitat solutions, where our tenants can evolve, grow & thrive. Our wide range of solutions fits anyone, at any stage: from 1 person business to a big company.

The Brain Embassy tenants (who we call Brainers), enjoy all the advantages of having the same dedicated “parent” as their property owner, lessee and manager.

Our fuel is a mix of

curiosity, fresh ideas and unexpected connections


Imagine a country without any borders, passports or authorities. A country of human imagination, creativity and a will to success. Whoever has a creative brain, whoever has a dream to realize and whoever wants to cooperate with people in common purposes can be a citizen of that country.

And there is a thing that this country has – it is an embassy, a place to work, to join all human abilities and to help people grow, no matter what their business is. It is the friendliest place to all “Brainer”citizens. Many different people, each with a free-floating mind, united under one roof.

Welcome to the innovative workland!