We all need to grow our business in a nourishing, inspiring surrounding. Here at the Brain Embassy we expertise in designing innovative solutions that fit the needs of today’s and future workers:

  • A healthy, ergonomic & sustainable co-working space.
  • A vibrant community to join forces with
  • A sustainable growth-promoting environment that prepares you for future challenges.

To create and maintain this type of habitat, it takes unique capabilities.

Our Brainers enjoy their everyday working life knowing they receive the best of the best – amenities, services, design, personal space, program & Community life. Here at the Brain Embassy, all these benefits come with maximum flexibility, allowing you to change programs and fit them best to your changing needs with only 1-month notice. Your classic win-win-win situation!


The working environment can completely transform a business by releasing human potential. At Brain Embassy, you can be yourself and work exactly the way you like. The music, the lighting, the variety of textures and the possibility of changing positions and perspectives, provide pleasant stimulation and inspiration to co-create productively. Additionally, we decided to take no compromise in the field of ergonomic and healthy furniture that is suitable for everyone. “Ergonomic”, to us is primarily about feeling mentally, physically and emotionally well.



Brain Embassy is created above all by people. The kind that chooses cooperation over competition, involvement over observation, actions over words, friendliness over formality. A co-creating Community in which sharing knowledge, competencies, ideas, and willing to evolve together are default. A community of mindful people who are open for a brand-new perspective of work ‎and life.

Various professionals from various backgrounds: freelancers, start-ups, SMEs, as well as large corporations meet in one place, knowing that we are smarter together.



As a growth-promoting concept, we are helping every new Brainer who joins our co-creating Community to be more prepared for the future challenges, by developing future competencies & skills, both human & professional. Program includes breakfasts prepared together, unique networking events, coaching sessions, skill sharing & Design Thinking sessions, morning yoga classes and much more.


Most Brainers found in our Community a business partner,
a client, a friend, another doggie lover, a mentor.

Two of them met here and got married!


The uncompromising commitment to quality is a unique fingerprint that’s identified with our
brand. We lead the most advanced conceptions currently practiced throughout the world, in each
of the Brain Embassy branches.

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Revolutionary acoustics

Our commitment to create a peaceful, productive and effective work environment with a sense of privacy, finds its expression also in acoustic solutions, which set a new standard in the field.

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Premium quality, sustainable furniture

Kinnarps, the world’s leading ergonomic furniture brand from Scandinavia was chosen by Brain Embassy to plan tomorrow’s co-creating sustainable environment.

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Window for every Brainer

“Less walls, more windows” is a meaningful part of our perception. All workstations at Brain Embassy enjoy a close window, facing inspiring urban landscape.

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Inspired by nature

It is important for us to incorporate direct element of nature indoors, such as open spaces with plants or trees, wooden interior walls and a view outside which reduce stress and increase productivity.

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Versatile space

A variety of spaces in different styles, suited to every stage of the business development process, alongside conference rooms and meeting spaces available by monthly commitment only.

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Global brainership

At the moment we are open in Warsaw, Tel Aviv and Antwerp. Brainers can travel to all destinations – all doors will be open for them with one membership.

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Wellness at work

We do care for wellbeing of Brainers offering yoga, calligraphy health, mindfulness sessions, workshops with health experts & others. All Brain Embassy’s have “Meditation and Nap room” but also a “Keep on moving zone” for more restoring work pause, fulfilled with micromovements.

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Activity Based Working

Offering different solutions for different tasks have proven to be very effective as it increases creativity and ability to perform at work. Instead of having set desks to work, Brainers can choose from a wide range of places depending on their needs: quiet rooms, formal and informal meeting rooms, project areas, phone booths and more.

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Happiness at work

Our Community Teams spend hours of making everybody happy at work by celebrating small occasions, having the best parties in the city, preparing healthy food for body and thought and creating culture that respects diversity.