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Has the coronavirus pandemic changed the coworking market for the better?

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The pandemic has definitely reorganized the world, changing it on many levels. An unexpected revolution has happened to us, as a result of which for almost two years we have been living in a completely new reality, trying to adapt to its rules. Whether we wanted it or not, we had to start operating in a completely new way.

Change as the beginning of something new

It is a difficult situation, but as Brain Embassy we see it more as an opportunity than a crisis. The new reality is full of challenges that inspire us to develop. We notice that due to the pandemic, the Polish coworking market is also evolving. In our opinion, the way of changes goes in the right direction, because we started to pay attention to what is really important in the work environment:

The community plays a very important role. Brain Embassy brings together exceptional people. We have noticed that some companies, although they could benefit from renting more office space, prefer to divide up and select smaller offices to stay close to our community. There is no need to convince anyone that belonging to a group has a lot of benefits. Membership in BE allows you to change packages during the term of the Agreement, which allows you to adjust the number of jobs to the current needs of the company ”.

– says Monika Kaczmarczyk, Managing Director at Brain Embassy in Poland.

In addition to the community, the physical working environment is also very important. We treat our spaces as something much more than coworking. We know that to work efficiently and healthily, a desk and an empty wall are not enough, which is why at Brain Embassy you will find the design that stimulates action and practical solutions that are designed to provide you with comfort at work.
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But that's not all. It is also very important to be able to develop every day, which is why we have created an extensive content program for our tenants with a range of workshops. Additional benefits are also yoga classes, English lessons, or Design Thinking sessions, where companies can develop their business challenges in an innovative way.

The new way of looking at office space

The coronavirus pandemic has affected virtually every sphere of life, but the topic of work mode echoed loudly. A sudden transition to a home office means not only empty offices but most of all the risk of the breakdown of professional relationships. Many of us are used to physical contact with co-workers, and video calls, even if very well organized, are completely incapable of conveying the accompanying energy during a live meeting. Therefore, companies began to act, looking for new solutions that would simultaneously increase the effectiveness of activities and take care of mental health. This search has led many organizations to smaller, more comfortable spaces that will serve specific teams for project work.

Monika Kaczmarczyk predicts that ...

We will continue to watch the aftermath of the pandemic for the next 2-3 years when the lease contracts of large corporations expire, and even more modern and flexible solutions will appear on the market. Standard lease agreements were usually concluded for 5 years and companies that signed such agreements before the pandemic have to wait for its termination. I am convinced that the share of flexible space in the office market will grow very dynamically, responding to new needs in the currently shaping reality”.

As a result of the pandemic, companies are becoming more and more interested in ready-made solutions that offer already furnished spaces. This saves a lot of time that is spent designing and furnishing the office. Modern coworking spaces with private offices are also fully serviced, which means for tenants much more energy for business development. Companies that do not have to worry about space management, Internet supply, cleaning, or utility bills have transparent rental costs without additional fees and have a calmer mind. We are aware of how scattered responsibilities can distract from business goals, which is why at Brain Embassy we take care of all logistics.

Coworking spaces in response to our needs

As Brain Embassy ​​we observe changes in the way we work, as a result of the pandemic. What's more, we experience these changes the hard way! It turned out that we can also perform business tasks at home, as long as we take care of comfortable conditions there. While trying to work on a chair at the kitchen table, many of us appreciated the ergonomic armchairs and the spacious desk. Above all, however, by suddenly changing the working conditions, we understood what we need in the place where we perform it. By confronting the experience of remote and stationary mode, we started looking for indirect solutions that combine the advantages of both environments. What we need is a place where we work more efficiently and at the same time feel at home.

As Managing Director Brain Embassy informs

Location is also an important factor shaping the modern coworking market. While coworking spaces have accumulated in the centers of large cities and were key locations so far, now people using such spaces will appreciate the proximity of the office to the place of residence. People no longer want to waste time on long journeys, and employers, to meet the expectations of employees, look for optimal locations. Many people living in large cities so far have decided to move to places closer to nature, and sometimes to return to their homeland. The hybrid work model that employers currently provide allows you to perform work from various places. Therefore, more and more coworking spaces leave the city center, and new locations are opened even on the outskirts of cities”.

The company is about people

The new direction of coworking development is dictated by the desire to holistically support employees. Employers got the point that by focusing on their team, they invest in the future of the company and increase its chances of success. Coworking spaces as an alternative to traditional rental meet most of today's employee needs, which attracts not only start-ups, software houses, but also large corporations, private individuals, and freelancers. Employees are grateful for the offered flexibility and ergonomics, and employers appreciate low rental costs, useful solutions, and a personalized offer. According to the Coworking Space Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Growth and Change - a global flexible office market, with an annual growth rate of 2.1%. by 2025, it may reach as much as USD 13.03 billion.

Therefore, it is worth supporting employees in developing talents and taking care of their comfort in everyday work. Improving the well-being of employees, not only affects private life but also increases satisfaction with the tasks performed. To work more efficiently, we all need a space where we can develop freely.