Why co-creating?

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We took coworking to the next level, calling it co-creating. The idea of co-creating is based on a simple notion that together we can be smarter, we can do more good, we can simply do things better. Consciously, with the involvement of our partners and Brainers, we are building healthy, vibrant and at the same time innovative place to facilitate the work and personal development of our community. We had many reasons to put co-creating in our DNA and base on it the whole concept. You can find it in our designing process, the way we build community and develop people with our program. And what’s important: Brain Embassy is not a finished, closed project, we appreciate its organic and open formula which invites co-creation!

Co-creating in Brain Embassy’s design

Architects themselves won’t deliver the space with deep understanding of the concept. BE Team has co-created each space - depending the location it was 40-60% of ideas, inspirations, input, human and creative touches. Brainers also were involved in the process - they were engaged in co-creating session and proposed some design solutions for new locations, like swings, fully equipped kitchen, silent room. We put all of them on a standard list in every location. There is even one meeting room in Warsaw designed only by Brainers. The furniture provider Kinnarps was engaged in the designing process from the second they enter the project. So the Brain Embassy design was developed with pure co-creating approach. We all know that design creates culture and culture shapes values. So we didn’t want to have a corridor of private offices and small open space - as every other coworking space looks. The idea of open house is close to us. Open house means common space for meaningful talks, co-creating, fun, simply being together. In each of our locations, we have a living room that invites all of these. Moreover, next to comfort space in offices for deep focus we wanted to build a co-creating heaven with different possibilities - non-formal areas, half-open areas, closed areas, silent ones, closed meeting rooms, big event room as project work and co-creating work is more and more popular in every innovative organization.

However, design itself won’t create social interactions and co-creation of ideas - it can help but we need a conscious animation program for community. And we knew it from the very beginning.

Co-creating in community building

Brainers & BE Partners co-create program by proposing their events for Community. We connect Brainers & BE Partners with each other to do it together. They also co-create one another business by helping each other but also simply by giving products and services to each other. We provide design thinking sessions for Brainers who stuck in their business and engage other Brainers to help in solving others’ problems for free. They familiarize with the DT method but also they can solve problems that may occur in their business. We also use unique networking sessions and group coaching to gain different perspective with the Points of you methodology. DT and POY we call our house tools as we use them on daily basis as they develop co-creating talent.

The two basic questions we ask people who enter our Community is what knowledge, skills can you share with the Community? What do you need from the Community? From the very first moment, we underline the power of co-creation: being smarter together. And later, we help them to share and gain the skills they need.

Co-creation is one of the most important future competencies. You don’t have to know by yourself, we can “know together” and it is releasing and strengthening feeling at the same time.