The art of coworking

We are opening in the heart of Warsaw!

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The art of coworking

In the theatre's spirit. In the middle of Warsaw's heart. In January 2022 we'll invite you to our newest coworking space - BE Czackiego, which is located in the old building of Kwadrat Theatre. The artistic design reminds us about the past, spacious interior, localization, from where you are close to everything is combined with our tested solution created coworking space. This place will change your way of work for the better.   

Coworking in the center of Warsaw

Soon on the warsaw's map, you will see a new Brain Embassy spot! Coworking on Czackiego 15/17 it is something really special - 3 steps from metro station Nowy Świat - Uniwersytet, a moment to Warszawa Centralna (main train station), and a few minutes to Nowy Świat street, where walks will be a pleasant variety for daily routine.

Coworking Czackiego

Like our every coworking - BE Czackiego also will be available twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. Within the rent framework, we offer also access to the development programs in all locations, e.g. yoga and English lessons and participation in various kinds of networkings and integration events like cooking with the community. As a member of our community, you can benefit from business consultations, which are guided by other Brainers. This type of meeting that’s a very good occasion to meet better the neighbours from the close desk and to share their knowledge and experience. Integration with the community and managing meetings with clients are possible due to various meeting rooms and common space with a fully-equipped kitchen. Additionally in BE Czackiego you will find also two terraces where you can take a breath from your daily duties with a mug of delicious coffee and a beautiful landscape of Warsaw. 

„Regardless of unstable situation connected to a pandemic, in Brain Embassy we note the increase in booking of flexible offices and coworking spaces. Our main goal is to create such a work environment that will increase efficiency and develop wider perspectives to grow. We design our spaces in a way to enables us to meet all requirements, that will adapt to Brainer’s needs, and will give a sense of belonging to our community. We believe that by developing coworking spaces, which we provide our clients with unique experiences, we contribute to their success. In our projects, we set to creative solutions which accordingly stimulate the mind and increase productivity”.

– said Monika Kaczmarczyk, Managing Director of Brain Embassy in Poland.

Feel the spirit of the theatre 

All of our coworking is unique, but the project of BE Czackiego was something more. Here, in a building built in 1953, was located the Kwadrat Theatre. The history of this place was very important for us, and that's why with architects from mode:lina we decided to let the interior play the first violin. On every of 6 floors, you will find numerous architectural delights, and the design of staircases makes traveling by elevator a last resort.

Brain Embassy Czackiego

Organize events and participate in creative events

Everything at the Brain Embassy is about the community. And the best way is to build it through events - for this reason, each of our coworking spaces is equipped with various meeting rooms that allow you to organize both huge conferences and recruitment interviews. It is no different in BE Czacki. On the ground floor, you will find an independent, professional event space. Each training room is equipped with mobile solutions that will allow you to adjust the space to the specific purpose of the meeting.

We are also extremely proud of the main event steel (area 102m2) located on the ground floor, which allows personalization of lighting and 100% blackout. We have equipped the stage for the speakers with a ramp for the disabled, and the preview screen can be transformed into an interactive flipchart. From the side of Dowcip street, we added a separate entrance, leading directly to the stage - just in time for an exceptional guest, who will be known by the audience only after the curtain is unveiled.

Event Room Czackiego

Event rooms are not everything. Next to them, on the ground floor, you can record conversations or live videos in the Podcast Room or organize meetings in the lobby with an open kitchen, which is an ideal place for professional live cooking sessions. In total, this space will allow the organization of events for up to 105 people in standard settings, and taking into account the kitchen with a living room - up to 200 standing people.

Reduce stress and have the energy to work

Do you know what biophilia is? And that the place of work influences the way you perform? The main goal in biophilic design is to project a space that responds to a need to be close to nature and to let people work and rest in a comfortable environment. To take care of our Brainers, in BE Czackiego you will find known from another locations naps rooms, places to meditate, and loud room for practice with a punching bag. Working in an open space will give you the possibility to choose high of your desk and to hide in a silent workroom. Regardless of the space, you will perform your tasks on ergonomic furniture, having access to daylight and fresh air on the terrace. It's all to help you focus on your work and achieve more with less effort!

Come back to the history

Transforming the building into the new Brain Embassy's coworking, we took care of not only the theatre's spirit but also history. Archicon is the main driver of the reconstruction and expansion of the building. The renovation work was carried under the supervision of the conservator, thanks to we could combine the past with modernity. The style of pre-war modernism is given to the interior by for example large windows and the ubiquitous stone.

The way the space was designed has been appreciated by others. The building has BREEAM certification - it is currently one of the most frequently used methods of assessing buildings in terms of their environmental performance in Europe. The project of our coworking space also meets the requirements of the WELL Building Standard, so it is friendly to the health and comfort of its users.

Rent cheaper in pre-order

BE Czackiego sounds like coworking where you want to work? We have great news. Although the official opening of the office is planned for January 2022, we are already launching the presale. As part of the "Presale" campaign, you can rent space at a lower price with a 30 percent discount for the first 3 months.

Check more and book HERE

BE Czackiego in a nutshell:

  • 6 floors
  • 3,900 sq m
  • The main event room with an area of 102 m2
  • 17 monitors for Brainers in open space