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Change the way you think about work and start to work in a better way.

But wait. How can you do it?

In the Brain Embassy we believe in changes. Also, we know that what truly matters is how your daily routine looks like. The BIG IDEA comes from how you start the morning and continue throughout your workday. The smallest things you do every day and the decisions you make build your mindset, which is the basis for your success.

We experienced this firsthand and that's why we’ve decided to co-create an alternative for traditional office space rental. We offer a flexible solution that supports business and a place that cares about people. We see offices as communities, not just furniture. We look through them and treat coworking as a complex space. The real magic happens between the walls - our design just stimulates the potential you and your coworkers already have.

So, how does the Brain Embassy work?

We invite you to the new world - the space, where you awake dormant creativity. We also encourage you to test our possibilities. Only by changing rooms, positions and work modes, you can truly get to know yourself. And it's a key to work in a better way. We are happy to assist you in this journey - every Brainer can count on our knowledge. Simultaneously our experience is the biggest inspiration for creating a work space. We know everything about the chair you sit on, the height of a desk you use,  colors that surround you, and where you can brainstorm best. That's why in Brain Embassy you can find ergonomic furniture, good acoustics, colorful and creative design, plenty of plants and different rooms for different purposes, which includes private conversation or meditation. We also know that good coworking is not only about material things in the office - it's also about cooperation. When standard office space rental models impose their rules, we give you a range of new opportunities and a sense of security. Basic needs must be met to reach for something more like productivity or comfort. For this reason, we give you a permanent contract with media included, one month's notice, full 24/7 access to coworking, big parking in every location and no extra cost for using space.

But, we need to get back to the CHANGE.

When we look back to 2020, we see one big change. No one predicted it, but it happened. Every person in the world needed to adapt to the new reality. And it was, or even still is, hard. But where most people see only crisis, we see opportunity. With coronavirus it’s the same - the world told us that we need to change our mindset and behavior as a global community, so we responded to that. Actually, as the Brain Embassy we were always ready for that. Or even, we were inspiring others to work in a better way. We knew that the world needs this change and here we are - now it's time to work in a different way. If we as a global community want a better future (in work or life in general), we need to start from ourselves. Well, we need to start to BE in a new way. And happily, as Brain Embassy we know the answer to how to do this.

We mean that key changes in a company start from employees. You can't force them to do something or put in their heads a BIG idea just like that. It doesn't work. You need to inspire them and ensure an environment that gives them the best conditions for development. If you or your employees feel  that you don't have the conditions to develop, only changing work routines for both sides of business (as employer and employees) will unlock your potential.

We talk a lot about our experience because we believe that exchange is the best way to get inspired. Brain Embassy is more than walls and the challenge is to tell the story hidden between them. In our The change starts with BE campaign we decided to give a voice to the Brainers, who wanted to tell their stories from both sides: as employer and employee.

By knowing their change, we hope that we'll inspire you to do the same.

So, do you want to join us and start to work in a better way?