PDT Wola

Brainers will soon welcome Wola! Brain Embassy at PDT Wola on the horizon

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PDT Wola

Adgar Poland strengthens its offer on the Warsaw office space rental market. At the end of April 2021 company bought the building of PDT Wola. With almost 10 thousand square meters area, the structure is located in the middle of the historical Wola and it for years has been one of the most important points on the architectural map of the district. Part of the building will be destined for the Brain Embassy – inspirational, functional coworking space, offices, private spaces for companies, and conference and training rooms.  

Another historic building with beautiful traditions in the portfolio of Adgar Poland

PDT Wola is an eleventh office building in Adgar Poland's commercial, Warsaw real estate portfolio. Takeover PDT Wola is a proof of ambition and willingness to consistently build its position on the Warsaw office space market. So far, the company has developed its presence mainly in the business area of Mokotów and Ochota districts. However, Adgar’s Poland offer will be soon expanded. The company is finishing the modernization of the Kwadrat Theatre's premises at Czackiego 15/17 street. PDT Wola will be the next post-war building with beautiful traditions, which has a chance to become the important point of Warsaw's business map.

„Revitalisation of historical facilities, granting them a new character is a pronounced urban trend that fits with our understanding of responsibility and respect for the identity of a place. I am sure that our idea for future PDT Wola's functionality, just like with the building at Czackiego street, will give back their splendor. We want to keep their authenticity and transform them into vibrant places, showcases the combination of the local color of the districts with inspiring modernity.”

– said Monika Szelenberger, Head of Leasing & Asset Management in Adgar Poland. We want to remind you that Adgar Poland is an experienced investor, developer, and investment estate management company. The company specializes in creating innovative office concepts, revitalizing historic buildings, and implementing inspiring spatial solutions. Valued by tenants for its unconventional approach, attention to detail, flexible and transparent terms of cooperation.

At Brain Embassy, ​​we support development, and Wola attracts more and more business and people looking for new professional challenges

PDT Wola will also be the newest localization of the Brain Embassy concept. It is an original project of modern coworking spaces, implemented in Adgar’s Poland buildings. The main mission of the Brain Embassy is to provide flexible solutions for companies, start-ups, freelancers, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Inspiring, biophilic interior design, ergonomic furniture, and functional color create space that simplifies work, increases creativeness, integrates employees from different companies, industries, and specializations. In the Brain Embassy at PDT Wola, besides open space, tenants will have a chance to make use of the private offices, separate and specially arranged private spaces for larger companies. Old, as well as new clients, will also be able to arrange different meetings and events in modern training and conference rooms. But, the benefit that marks out Brain Embassy is strong will to build a real community. The brand creates space for exchanging experiences and helps Brainers in choosing a career path that suits them the most. This kind of care is the main responsibility of the Community Team. Thanks to them, Brainers can choose workshops and activities (for example English lessons, mentoring, yoga classes, networking meetings) from the varied program, which increases personal and business competencies.

„The development of residential and business infrastructure, expansion of the M2 metro line, and reasonable plan for the district’s progress made Wola a very interesting place to work and live. Balanced development attracts a big group of people, aware of their needs, and desiring to accomplish their goals. We created the Brain Embassy especially for them. In PDT Wola, larger and smaller companies will have perfect conditions to unlock their business potential. Flexible forms of a lease, creating project teams, the possibility of increasing or reducing office space depending on current needs, and additional services based on our philosophy, allows tenants to focus on the most important aspects of their work and company development.” 

– said Monika Kaczmarczyk, Managing Director of Brain Embassy. The PDT Wola building, located at 8/12 Młynarska street, is perfectly known among the residents of Warsaw. The estate is an original project of respected architect Michał Przerwa Tetmajer, who from 1949 was involved in complex reconstruction of ruined, postwar Wola. From 1956 to 2005 PDT Wola served Warsaw residents as the Universal Warehouse Wola. In 2007 the facility gained an office and service character. The elevation was also restored while maintaining the style and characteristic reliefs of the outer panels of the attic.