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Coworking in the legendary PDT Wola?

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Brain Embassy Młynarska

The Brain Embassy is now in Warsaw’s district Wola! Since August, you can work in our newest location BE Młynarska. It’s worth visiting because such an original design inspired by the history of the PRL-era is really hard to find in other coworking spaces!

Office of the future in legendary PDT Wola

The Universal Department Store Wola or as many Varsovians say - "Pedet", is a cult, historic building designed by Michał Przerwa-Tetmajer, an architect involved in the reconstruction of Wola district, which was ruined after the Second World War. The building gained its fame thanks to the commercial function it served for many years. Now, thanks to our coworking space Adgar PDT Wola has a chance to become an important point on the business map of Warsaw.

The Pedet has a great location close to everything - you need only a short drive to the Center. At the same time, you can enjoy the tranquility here, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the area, you will find numerous bus stops, Tram Depot Wola, and the metro. Just a 10-minute walk is enough to reach the M2 line and metro Płocka station. It is also worth mentioning that BE Młynarska is located right next to City Center West, i.e. the business center of Wola, and a few steps away from Rondo Daszyńskiego.

The coworking area is also conducive to well-being. The building is located next to the square Skwer Gwardii Warszawskiej, full of greenery in the summer. Those who need to relieve stress with activities will be able to do it in the CityFit gym located in the building. Two steps from the coworking space you will also find the Enel Med clinic and hospital and a supermarket Lidl. In addition, coworking in a historic building provides a nice, intimate atmosphere. That’s why you will feel here like in a tenement house!

Modern design in the cult uncovering

We connected Warsaw's history with the future of modern office and created this way a space that hasn’t been on Wola before. Inspired by the old times of the capital, we decorated the interior with elements like the famous car “Warsaw M20”, call boxes in 60’s style, nap room stylized for train’s couchette or colorful mosaics, thanks for which you can feel the vintage vibe from the entrance.

In the case of the revitalization of PDT Wola and the former building of the theater Teatr Kwadrat, which now hosts Brain Embassy Czackiego, it was important for us to preserve the identity of both places. When designing a new space, we primarily want to be inspired by history and combine it with our vision of the office of the future.

As an effect of our work, we want to create a space in which you want to spend time. We believe that in a place like this work is more comfortable.

Revitalization of both spaces, at Czackiego street and the Adgar PDT Wola building are the first steps we are taking towards giving a new character to historical buildings while maintaining their identity. We want to be inspired by history, implementing the concept of the office of the future into the legendary interiors. In the case of BE Młynarska, the priority was to bring out the original beauty of the building and preserve its authenticity. Therefore, together with our partners, we have refined every architectural detail so that the interior reflects the atmosphere of the PRL in the best possible way”.

– recalls Piotr Kwiatkowski, our Deployment Manager, who supervised the implementation of the project from the beginning to the end.

It’s easier to work in a comfy place

We create each of our coworking spaces as a place where we would like to work by ourselves. BE Młynarska takes up the entire floor of the building and you can find here everything you need for comfortable work. Open spaces, private offices, units for larger companies, meeting rooms, and a conference room are enriched with solutions that promote productivity and help you focus on daily tasks.

Our space allows for complete freedom, no matter what your favorite work system is - sitting, standing, at a desk or on a sofa, rocking on a swing, or stimulating creativity on the couch of the iconic "Warsaw M20". If you like to create among other people, an open space will be an ideal place for you, but for those who prefer to focus on tasks alone, we offer quiet work rooms.

We also design interiors with relaxation and well-being in mind. There are plants in every corner, natural light helps eyes to get some rest, and ergonomic furniture reduces tensions in the body. When you come to our coworking space, you can comfortably sit in a swivel chair from Kinnarps and freely change the height of the desktop. In BE Młynarska there is also a nap or meditation room so that when your energy drops, you can regain your strength efficiently.

 The opening of BE Młynarska is another breakthrough moment on the brand's development path. So far as Brain Embassy ​​we have expanded our presence in the business Mokotów and Ochota districts. After opening another space in the Center, it is time to expand the offer with another district of the capital, which is Wola. We are very excited because both BE Czackiego and BE Młynarska enjoyed great interest already at the pre-sale stage.”.

 recalls Monika Kaczmarczyk, Managing Director at Brain Embassy.

If you are interested in an office for rent in Wola, visit our BE Młynarska website. You can also arrange a free trial day to try out coworking opportunities. Just fill in the form at the end of the page.

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