Blue Bolt application

From access cards to smartphones – a few words about innovative solutions which you will find in BE Czackiego

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Blue Bolt application

Together with NTT, the owner of the Blue Bolt mobile application,  we are introducing new solutions that have a positive impact on the user experience, enabling contactless navigation in office spaces. Future users of BE Czacki's new location, located in the very center of Warsaw, will use smartphones instead of access cards, which will increase the level of security and comfort of using the building.

The key direction of our development is to focus on the innovation and functionality of the offered office spaces.

Our mission is to provide clients with modern solutions that will allow them to improve their work, thus gaining time and resources for the development of their business. When we've been discussing the BE Czacki project, we assumed the implementation of ideas based on proptech technology from the very beginning. We wanted our latest coworking to become a real office of the future. For this purpose, we have been cooperating with Blue Bolt, which is also one of our tenants, for several years. Cooperation with a company that knows our product from the inside allows us to look at it holistically”.

– says Monika Kaczmarczyk, Managing Director at Brain Embassy. The new location will introduce not only the known solutions but also additional functionalities of the application. 

This is another coworking of our partner, the Brain Embassy brand, in which our Blue Bolt system will be used. The old building of the Kwadrat Theater at 15/17 Czackiego Street, well-known to Warsaw residents, will receive a new, very interesting purpose after modernization. We are glad that our solution fits so well with the distinctive character of the brand and the company's strategy. The project is in the implementation phase, but I will reveal that we will implement innovations that will not be found anywhere else”.

says Maciej Grabowski, the originator and owner of Blue Bolt. In the BE Czackiego, tenants will be able to comfortably manage and co-create their workspace. The first key change is the implementation of amenities for users who visit the coworking space irregularly. The solution of granting time access will eliminate the drawback of traditional reception and access control systems. In addition, the Blue Bolt mobile application will allow Brain Embassy tenants to inter alia, non-contact management of elevators and passages, i.e. remote door opening, which will facilitate movement inside the building. With the help of Blue Bolt, coworking users will also be able to book conference rooms and workstations with desks at any time, which will smooth out coworking traffic and make space more comfortable to use.

We have known Blue Bolt from the beginning of their existence and we are very happy to observe their development. I can proudly say that we contributed to it because we shared our opinion on the solutions they introduced on an ongoing basis. The fact of having a direct impact on the final effect gives us as customers very high comfort and a sense of security. In addition, the partner's flexibility and speed of operation significantly improve the work on the application and allow Blue Bolt to respond to our needs in real-time. And this finally translates into the satisfaction of our tenants”.

 says Piotr Kwiatkowski, Deployment Manager at Brain Embassy. All our office spaces currently use a unified solution, instead of separate methods of connecting with access control systems. Tenants can therefore use the space in various locations using only the mobile application. This solution also allows for effective protection of personal data in frequently used office buildings.