Brain Embassy Community Events


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Brain Embassy Community Events

We believe that a person who is happy, healthy, energized is more effective, less stressed and has more clarity and power. We believe that every person is a leader because has influence on his or her life. But self-care isn’t enough. We need community care to thrive. At Brain Embassy there is always someone you can count on. You don’t have to be alone. We can know together. We are smarter together. We want to build the community in which sharing knowledge, competencies, ideas, concepts and willingness to be together is natural. The idea of open house is close to us. Open house means a common space for meaningful talks, co-creating, fun, simply being together. That is why we put a living room in every BE to make space for bonding, and true Community to create. To achieve that each day, we initiate actions that enable fulfilling the principles of co-creating: from breakfasts & lunches prepared together, unique networking and “Points of you” coaching sessions, small celebrations, to skill share sessions conducted by Brainers, Design Thinking sessions, morning yoga and all other activities that are included in our “Be smarter together” program.

In return, we receive wonderful stories about:

  • the shift in a given company’s culture – from official “good morning” to spending every lunch together,
  • or when they came for 3 months and stayed for years,
  • yearly objectives achieved already in May,
  • shared trips, holidays, accidental meetings somewhere in the world,
  • taking care of other Brainer’s dog during weekend,
  • new initiatives or workshops,
  • gaining motivation after break of the project because others work and zeal are so stimulating,
  • taking care of new born baby of another Brainer during a business meeting,
  • many relevant friendships, business relations that started under our roof,
  • entire personal development projects which Brainers want to conduct for the Community,
  • also one of the Brainers proposed a set of events that may give us a trigger to our new product: BE University

That is why we call Brain Embassy a work and life concept. We don’t believe in a work-life balance. At work there is also life going on. And the borders are artificial. We love when our Brainers bring their children, pets, friends to our spaces. We feel they really belong. They find Brain Embassy a safe space for work and life. We feel and have proofs that experiencing Brain Embassy transforms people’s lives…