1. These Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) set out the basic rules for the use of The Brain Embassy co-creation space (hereinafter referred to as the “BE”) by any person present on its premises, including, in particular, the Members and Users. The Operator of The Brain Embassy is Real Estate Solutions Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Spółka komandytowa (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”).

2. Definitions used in the Regulations:

a)  „Community Manager” – means the person appointed by the Operator, responsible for the BE community relations;

b)  „Member” – means the entity indicated in the recitals to the Membership Agreement that purchased the Membership Package;

c)  „Permitted Use” – means the use of the Co-creation Space (BE) for office purposes;

d)  „Visitor” – means a person visiting the Brain Embassy pursuant to an invitation from a Member or User;

e)  „Event Guest” – means a person visiting the Brain Embassy based on an invitation from the event organizer;

f)  „Meeting Place” – means the part of the BE intended for meetings as indicated by the Operator;

g)  „General Terms and Conditions” or „GTC” – means the General Terms and Conditions of The Brain Embassy Membership Agreements, as amended and supplemented from time to time;

h)  „Membership Package” – means the range of Services purchased by the Member as set out in the Package Offer;

i)  „Co-creating Space” – Open and closed office space with separate workstations with access to office infrastructure, including a Meeting Place;

j)  „Complex Regulations” – the set of housekeeping rules applicable to the complex where the Brain Embassy is (or will be) located; the current text of the Complex Regulations can be found at

k)  „System” – means the IT system used to support the use of the Services and communication with the Members;

l)  „Membership Agreement” – a comprehensive agreement to make available the Workstation indicated by the Operator, the location of which may change during the term of the Agreement, concluded between the Member and the Operator, and including in particular these Regulations;

m)  „User” – means a person entitled to use the BE on the basis of the Membership Agreement.

3. The content of the Regulations is available on the website at

4. These Regulations together with the Membership Package purchased, GTC and the Complex Regulations are an integral part of the Membership Agreement, based on which the Members use the BE.


1. The Members, Users and Visitors may use the Co-creation Space in accordance with its purpose and the provisions of these Regulations, in a way that does not hinder the use of the Co-creation Space by other Members, Users and Visitors.

2. The Member shall have the right to invite Visitors, if the Membership Package purchased states so. The Visitors are allowed to stay in the Co-creation Space during the Reception desk business hours, unless otherwise agreed in advance by the Member with the Operator. The meetings may take place in the Meeting Place or in other designated places in the Co-creating Space. The Visitors are not allowed in the Co-creation Space without the inviting Member.
If the Visitors are to stay in the Co-creation Space for the entire day they are required to purchase a one-time pass.


1. All persons present in the Co-creation Space (including Members, Users, Visitors and Event Guests) shall:

a) comply with the provisions of these Regulations and the Complex Regulations;

b) repair any damage and destruction caused by them or their invited guests at their own expense. Any damage to or destruction of property belonging to the Operator must be reported to the Operator immediately;

c)  keep confidential the information concerning the Operator and other Members and their activities, and not to express opinions or make comments that may in any way adversely affect their business;

d) not stay in the Co-creation Space after consumption of alcohol (unless alcohol is provided by the Operator, e.g. during an event), use of drugs and/or narcotics, psychotropic substances, hallucinogens and substitutes and precursors of category 1 within the meaning of the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction, shall not bring nor consume alcohol and other stimulants in the Co-creation Space and shall not smoke tobacco products in the Co-creation Space;

e)  not use devices that emit excessive noise, or record video; shall not use mobile phones in common spaces and shall not listen to music or other audio material without the use of headphones,

f) take care of the BE to maintain its high standards;

g)  follow the instructions of the Operator and/or the Community Manager.

2. The Member is responsible for items left in the Co-creating Space.


1. The Operator reserves the right to change the provisions of these Regulations at any time. The information about any change to the Regulations and the current provisions will be published on the website with an appropriate notice of at least 3 days and are binding on the Members.

2. In the event of changes to the Regulations, the Member shall have the right to withdraw from the Membership Agreement within 14 days from the date of publication of the changes.