&1. Preliminary provisions

1. These Regulations (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations“) set out the basic rules for the use of The Brain Embassy co-creation space (referred to in the Regulations as “BE“) by anyone on its premises, including, in particular, Members and Users. The operator of The Brain Embassy is Real Estate Solutions Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Spółka komandytowa (hereinafter referred to as “Operator“).

2. Definitions used in the Regulations:

a)  „Blue Bolt” – means the access control system used by the Operator at selected locations, allowing access to the building/area/lifts via a mobile application;

b)  „Community Manager” – means the person appointed by the Operator responsible for liaising with the BE community;

c)  „Member” – means the entity indicated in the section of the Membership Agreement introducing the parties that has purchased the Membership Package;

d)  „Permitted Use” – means the use of the Co-creation Space (BE) for office purposes;

e)  „Visitor” – means a person visiting Brain Embassy pursuant to an invitation from a Member or User for purposes related to the Member’s or User’s business;

f)  „Event Visitor” –  means the part of BE designated for meetings as indicated by the Operator;

g)  „Meeting Place” – means the part of BE designated for meetings as indicated by the Operator;

h)  „General Terms and Conditions” or “GTC” – means the General Terms and Conditions of “The Brain Embassy” Membership Agreements, as amended and supplemented from time to time;

i)  „Membership Package” – means the range of Services purchased by the Member as set out in the Package Offer;

j) „Co-creation Space” – open and enclosed office space with dedicated workstations with access to office infrastructure, including the Meeting Space;

k)  „Complex Regulations” – the set of order rules applicable to the complex where Brain Embassy is (or will be) located; the current text of the Complex Regulations can be found at

l)  „System” – means the IT system used to support the use of the Services and communication with Members;

m)  „Membership Agreement” – a comprehensive agreement for the provision of the Workstation designated by the Operator, the location of which may change during the term of the Agreement, concluded between the Member and the Operator and including, in particular, these Regulations;

n)  „User” – means the person entitled to use BE under the Membership Agreement.

3. The Regulations are available on the BE website:

4. These Regulations, together with the purchased Membership Package, the GTC and the Complex Regulations, form an integral part of the Membership Agreement under which Members avail themselves of BE.

$2. Use of the Co-creation Space

  1. Members, Users and Visitors may use the Co-creation Space in accordance with its intended use, the provisions of these Regulations and the instructions of the Co-creation Space security staff, the Community Manager and other representatives of the Operator, in a manner that does not impede the use of the Co-creation Space by other Members, Users and Visitors.
  2. The Member has the right to invite Visitors, provided that the Membership Package purchased so provides. Visitors may stay in the Co-creation Space during the business hours of the Reception Desk, unless otherwise agreed in advance with the Operator by the Member. Meetings between Members and Visitors may take place in the Meeting Place or other designated areas in the Co-creation Space in a manner that does not impede the use of the Co-creation Space by other persons and entities. Visitors are not allowed in the Co-creation Space without the Member who invited them. If Visitors are to stay at a meeting in the Co-creation Space for more than 3h, they are required to purchase a one-time pass.
  3. The Operator shall be entitled to eject the Visitor from the Co-creation Space or the Meeting Space if the Visitor violates the Regulations or fails to comply with the instructions of the Operator’s representatives.

&3. Order rules

1. All persons in the Co-creation Space (including Members, Users, Visitors and Event Visitors) are required:

a) to comply with the regulations of these Regulations and the Complex Regulations;

b) to maintain the confidentiality of information concerning the Operator and other Members and their activities, and not to make opinions or comments that could in any way negatively affect their business;

c) to repair any damage or destruction caused by them or their invited visitors at their own expense. Any damage or destruction to property belonging to the Operator must be reported to the Operator immediately;

d) not to remain in the Co-creation Space after consumption of alcohol (unless alcohol is provided by the Operator, e.g., during an event), use of drugs and/or intoxicants, illegal psychotropic substances, hallucinogens and substitutes and precursors of category 1 in the meaning of the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction, not to bring and not to consume alcohol or other stimulants in the Co-creation Space, and not to smoke tobacco products in the Co-creation Space;

e) not to use devices that emit excessive noise, not to record images, not to use mobile phones in common spaces and not to listen to music or other audio material without headphones;

f) to hold telephone conversations, teleconferences, videoconferences, etc., only in designated areas of BE (not within the Open Space), in a manner that does not disturb other persons at BE,

g) to take care of BE in order to maintain its high standard in accordance with BE principles,

h) to maintain cleanliness, including by segregating waste in accordance with the guidelines, and to remove kitchen utensils after using them, both from communal spaces including meeting rooms and private spaces within BE,

i) to agree frequency bands and channels in advance with the Operator’s IT department if they wish to set up their own Wi-Fi access point,

j) not to leave any movable property unattended,

k) to comply with the instructions of the Operator or the Community Manager.

2. All persons in the Co-creation Space (including Members, Users, Visitors and Event Visitors) are required to refrain from the following activities:

a) using scooters, skateboards, roller skates, hoverboards or other mobility devices;

b) charging electrical devices other than office equipment such as monitors, laptops or mobile phones,

c) connecting any network devices, such as in particular routers, switches or firewalls, to the network provided by the Operator,

d) creating their own network access points using the network provided by the Operator, in particular via network amplifiers, Wi-Fi routers, using a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or other device with a network card as a network access point,

e) using the network provided by the Operator to connect to P2P (peer to peer) networks, using Torrent services, carrying out DoS (Denial of Service) actions, scanning other networks, using crawlers, botnets and other similar services,

f) using the network provided by the Operator with devices whose computing power is used within the blockchain network, including in particular the mining of cryptocurrencies,

g) using the network provided by the Operator in a manner contrary to the law, morality and principles of social co-existence,

h) using the network provided by the Operator for call-centre activities,

i) using the network provided by the Operator for video streaming purposes,

j) connecting any type of server equipment that consumes significant amounts of energy

3. Items left in the Co-creation Space are the responsibility of the Member. With respect to the items left by the Member in the Co-creation Space after the Business Hours as defined in the GTC, BE shall move these items to the Storage Room and the Member shall be obliged to collect them in accordance with the provisions of § 9 of the GTC.

4. If the User brings children to BE, the User is responsible for them, including ensuring that the children do not stay in the BE space without a guardian, do not disturb other people, do not litter, etc. The Users are responsible for any damage, destruction or pollution caused by the children they bring with them.

5. If the User brings a pet/dog to BE, the User is responsible for it, including ensuring that the animal is not unaccompanied in BE’s space, is on a leash, does not disturb other people, does not leave dirt or soil, etc. The User is responsible for any damage, destruction or pollution caused by the pet he or she has brought along.

6. Members and Users may request the support of the Operator or Community Manager in gaining access to the Co-creation Space only in situations of unavailability of Blue Bolt (or other implemented access control system) or failure or unavailability of elements of the access control system, such as in particular door locks.

7. One User is only entitled to log in to his or her Blue Bolt account on one mobile device, and the User may not share his or her Blue Bolt access, access cards or keys with third parties. If the User uses Blue Bolt on more than one mobile device, the Operator shall be entitled to block all accesses of the User in question, and the User or Member shall not be entitled to any claims on this account.

&4 . Use of terraces

1. Persons using the terraces are required to comply with the following rules.

2. The terraces are not subject to lease, they are located in a zone separated by barriers where all safety and fire protection rules apply.

3. Access to the terraces is at the sole responsibility of the persons using them. Minors may only enter the terrace only under adult supervision.

4. The person using the terraces is responsible for any damage or destruction of the terraces.

5. Anyone using the terraces is obliged to observe general health, safety and fire protection rules.

6. Within the terraces the following activities are prohibited:

a) throwing of any objects from the terraces,

b) climbing and leaning over the terrace railings,

c) climbing on the façade of the building,

d) placing advertisements, notices, inscriptions, awnings on the structural elements of the terraces and the building and its equipment without the written consent of the building manager

e) damaging the structural elements of the terraces and its equipment,

f) bringing in any items of equipment such as barbecues, ashtrays, flower pots, umbrellas, tables, portable tables, etc. without prior written permission from the building manager,

g) leaving furnishings such as chairs, deckchairs, etc. on the terraces at night and during rain, storms and strong winds,

h) storing and disposing of waste outside the designated area,

i) engaging in sports activities such as roller skating, skateboards, scooters, ball games, etc.,

j) walking animals,

k) using the Terraces during rain, storms and strong winds,

l) taking photos and filming without prior arrangement with the building manager,

m) carrying and consuming alcoholic beverages and intoxicants on the Terraces, smoking and being in a state indicating the consumption of alcohol or intoxicants,

n) bringing in flammable substances,

o) making noise,

p) staying on the terraces at night between 10 pm and 6 am,

7. If an evacuation of the building is announced, the terraces must be vacated and all people should evacuate the building immediately.

8. On the terraces, these Regulations, as well as with the instructions of the manager and the building security staff, must be complied with. Violations of these Regulations may result in an order to leave the terrace.

9. The Operator reserves the right to close the terraces from time to time and to take them out of use due to works carried out on the terraces.

10. Items left, damaged or stolen on the terraces are the responsibility of the owner.

&5. Final provisions

1. The Operator reserves the right to amend the provisions of these Regulations at any time. Information on amendments to the Regulations and the current wording of the Regulations shall be published on the website with an appropriate notice of at least 3 days and shall be binding on Members.

2. If the Regulations are amended, the Member has the right to withdraw from the Membership Agreement within 14 days of the publication of the amendments.