The Regulations specify the rules of using the Terraces located in the building situated in Warsaw at ul. Czackiego 15/17 and apply to all its Users, including Tenants.

Entering the Terrace is equivalent to being familiar with these Regulations and accepting all of their provisions.

The Terraces do not constitute the Subject Matter of Lease and are located in an area separated by railings where all safety and fire protection rules apply.

Entry to the Terraces is at the sole responsibility of the users, i.e. Tenants and their Visitors. Minors can enter the Terraces only under supervision of adults.

The Tenant who has access to the Terrace is liable for any damage or destruction of the Terrace.

Each person using the Terraces is obliged to comply with the general rules of health and safety regulations.

On the premises of the Terraces, it is forbidden to:

  1. Throw any objects from the Terraces
  2. Climb and lean over the railing of the Terrace
  3. Climb on the façade of the building
  4. Place advertisements, announcements, inscriptions, or awnings on the structural elements of the Terraces, the building and its installations without the written consent of the Manager of the building
  5. Damage any structural elements of the Terraces and their fittings
  6. Bring in any type of equipment such as grills, ashtrays, flower pots, umbrellas, tables, portable tables, etc. without prior written consent of the Manager of the building
  7. Leave furnishings such as chairs, deckchairs etc. on the Terraces at night and during rain, storms or strong winds
  8. Store or dispose waste outside the designated area
  9. Practise sports, e.g. roller skating, skateboarding, scooter riding, playing football, etc.
  10. Bring in animals
  11. Use the Terraces during rain, storms or strong winds
  12. Take photographs or make videos without prior consent of the Manager of the building.
  13. Bring in and consume alcoholic beverages and intoxicants, smoke cigarettes or be in a condition indicating the consumption of alcohol or intoxicants
  14. Bring in flammable substances
  15. Make noise
  16. Stay on the premises of the Terraces at night, i.e. from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

If an evacuation of the building is announced, the Terraces must be left immediately.

The Terraces should be used in accordance with these Regulations, as well as the instructions of the Manager and personnel of the Security Service of the Building. In justified cases, violations of these Regulations may result in a demand to leave the Terraces.

The Manager reserves itself the right to close the Terraces from time to time and to exclude them from use in connection with works carried out on the Terraces.

The Manager is not liable for any items damaged or stolen from the Terraces.