These regulations (below “the Regulations”) regulate the rules of using parking spaces for passenger cars located in the parking places of the Adgar Plaza complex, i.e. at:

(I) the Adgar Plaza One building,
(II) Adgar Plaza A and B buildings,
(III) free-standing parking building Adgar Plaza at Postępu 15E in Warsaw,

jointly referred to as “Parking”, owned by Adgar.

Parking – underground car parking with parking spaces under the Adgar Plaza One, and Adgar Plaza A and B Buildings, and in a freestanding parking building.
Access Card – contactless card assigned to the User, providing access to the Parking, programmed on the basis of a separate contract.
Control Room – security room located on the level -1 under Plaza A, at the entrance to the Adgar Plaza A and B building.
ADGAR – spółka Green and Efficiency Services Real Estate Solutions Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company) Adgar Limited Partnership or other Adgar Group companies.
Ticket office – cash register for payment of fees, located at levels -1 and -2 at the entrances to the elevator halls of Plaza A and B.


  1. By driving a vehicle to the Parking area, the driver and any other user of the vehicle (including the passenger) agrees to comply with the provisions of these Regulations. Using the parking means the movement of the vehicle, stop or parking the vehicle on its premises.
  2. The User of the Parking is obliged to follow all the instructions of the security services and security personnel and managers authorized by ADGAR (below “the Personnel”) to supervise the safety of the Parking.
  3. Traffic in the Parking area is carried out according to the instructions of ADGAR employees or Personnel, and the installed road signs. There are appropriately applied the provisions of the Act of 20 June 1997 The Traffic Law (the Journal of Laws No. 98, item 602 with later amendments)
  4. A user of the Parking agrees for the ADGAR charging a fee (one-time entry ticket “the Ticket”) for the use of the Parking, according to the price list constituting Annex No. 1 to these Regulations (“the Price List”), unless, he/she uses the Parking on the basis of a separate Agreement concluded with ADGAR.
  5. The driver of the vehicle, which is moving within the Adgar Wave area, should have the required permissions, meeting the requirements set by law.


  1. By driving a vehicle to the Parking area, the driver and any other user of the vehicle (including the passenger) agrees to comply with the provisions of these Regulations. Using the parking means the movement of the vehicle, stop or parking the vehicle on its premises.
  2. Parking building, entries, and exits are controlled by the ADGAR staff or the Personnel.
  3. In order to ensure safety in the Parking, the Personnel has the right to to inspect the vehicle, including checking its technical condition, checking the contents of the luggage compartment, also external racks, and the interior of the vehicle. The vehicle user is obliged to keep the vehicle in the place indicated by the Personnel, and then to help during the above control activities.
  4. Parking users are entitled to use only the Parking infrastructure to park their vehicle, to access the parked vehicle in order to leave the Parking. In order to ensure safety, pedestrian traffic is prohibited in the parts of the Parking intended for vehicle traffic, especially at the ramps area.
  5. There is a possibility to use the driving routes by cyclists only in order to reach the cycling center and the dressing room. The cyclist is obliged to walk the bike in the Parking.
  6. It is forbidden to leave bicycles in places not intended for this purpose.


  1. The Access Card entitles to use the parking space on the Parking, depending on the type of purchased subscription or the Ticket.
  2. The car park is available to Users 24/7 a week. The time of using the Parking for of the Access Card holders is also specified in the provisions of separate agreements or reservations.
  3. The Access Card holder, who exceeds the parking time for which the type of card entitles, is obliged to make additional payment in the amount specified in the Price List.
  4. The condition for renting a Parking space is signing a contract with Adgar for rental of a parking place in the subscription system and / or renting a place (written reservation), in the hour system for collection of the Ticket.


  1. The taken Ticket entitles to stay in the parking lot for 20 minutes without necessity to pay.
  2. The parking fee is paid at the marked Ticket Office in compliance with the Price List or under the terms of the rental agreement.
  3. The driver of the vehicle may leave the car park only after paying for parking at the Ticket Office.
  4. The Ticket or the Access Card entitles to park only in designated places.
  5. After paying the Ticket, the driver of the vehicle has 20 minutes to leave the car park without additional charges. In the event of exceeding this time, the parking fee is charged according to the Price List.
  6. In a case of difficulties with exiting (problem with a card, payment) the User should immediately use the designated technical parking space, contact the security station using the intercom (handset button in the parking column or at the Ticket Office). and then, in order to complete the formalities, go to the Control Room or the security post at the reception of the Plaza B building (on public holidays and at night i.e. 22:00-7:00).
  7. In the event of failure of the Ticket Register, the payment takes place in the next, the nearest Ticket Office, In the event of failure of all Ticket Register, and the fee is paid in the Control Room.
  8. The fee for a lost ticket is PLN 50 gross and is made at the Control Room.
  9. Leaving the Parking without a paid Ticket (e.g. after another vehicle) will be treated as an offense or deception, and will be reported to the police.
  10. In case of an emergency and the need to unlock the exit, it is necessary to report to the Control Room in order to write a protocol on a manual opening of the barrier. For this purpose, it is necessary to prove the User’s identity.
  11. For Users of Access Cards, leaving the Parking outside of card validity hours will only be possible after notification of this fact to Personnel and payment for exceeding the card’s time limit according to the Price List.
  12. ADGAR recognizes the person submitting the Access Card or the Ticket as a person who is authorized to drive a given vehicle and leave the Parking with this vehicle.
  13. The User who wishes to receive an invoice, informs about it at the reception and leaves the data necessary to issue the invoice. The invoice will be issued within 7 days and delivered to the User in a determined manner.


  1. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for any damage caused on the Parking area. The damage also covers damages and / or contamination of the Parking. The User is obliged to immediately inform the ADGAR employee or the Personnel about a given event and to make a statement in writing, no later than before leaving the Parking.
  2. ADGAR is not liable for damages, destruction, damage and loss of the vehicle, its equipment and the property left in it for reasons attributable to the user of the Parking or force majeure.
  3. ADGAR is not responsible for any items left in the Parking area, and, if they are left, ADGAR may order their removal at the expense of their owner.
  4. ADGAR is liable for the damages caused by the Personnel. The User is obliged to immediately inform the Personnel about the damage, no later than before leaving the Parking.
  5. All damages incurred on the premises of the Parking are settled under the obligatory third-party liability insurance of the perpetrator of the damage.
  6. The person holding the Access Card or Ticket is recognized by ADGAR as authorized to enter the Parking, driving the vehicle in the Parking area, and exit the Parking.
  7. In justified cases, ADGAR may demand the presentation of a document authorizing to drive a vehicle.


  1. The fee for lost, destroyed, or not returned Access Card after the contract expiration, will be calculated in accordance with the Price List. The User is obliged to notify ADGAR in writing about the loss of the Access Card, A new Access Card will be issued after the User pays a deposit.
  2. The user is obliged to secure the vehicle against unauthorized persons. It is forbidden to activate sound signals in alarms. Violation of the above prohibition, when it causes noise, results in the obligation to pay the fee specified in the Price List.
  3. It is recommended not to leave valuable items in the vehicle. ADGAR is not responsible for stolen items and damage caused by theft.
  4. Responsibility of the user of the Parking to other users for damage caused by the use of the Parking shall be governed by the relevant provisions of civil law.


  1. Vehicles may only be parked at the designated parking spaces except for the reserved places, which are properly graphically marked. If the User fails to comply with the above obligation, ADGAR is entitled to tow the vehicle at the User’s expense or charge an additional fee in accordance with the applicable Price List when more than one parking space is occupied.
  2. Rights, referred to in paragraph 1 above, are granted to ADGAR in the situation when the user occupies more than one parking space, unless, in the contract for the Parking use, the right to use more than one parking space will be explicitly granted.
  3. The User is obliged to respect road signs and other conditions of Parking usage, the User is also obliged to comply with Personnel instructions. ADGAR is authorized to remove the vehicle in the event of a sudden and justified threat.
  4. For failure to meet the conditions of the Parking use, ADGAR may impose a reasonable financial penalty on the User.
  5. In special cases, the Personnel may order to tow a vehicle.
  6. The Personnel may put on the vehicle a sticker informing about breaking the rules.


  1. The provisions of the Traffic Code apply to the Parking are.
  2. The maximum speed in the Parking is 10 km/h,
  3. In the Parking area, including parking spaces, access roads, entry and exit ramps, it is prohibited to:
    a) Smoke and using an open fire, drink alcohol and use intoxicating drugs,
    b) Storage of fuels, flammable substances, and empty fuel containers,
    c) Refueling vehicles,
    d) Leaving the car with the engine running,
    e) Parking vehicles with leaky systems,
    f) Staying of unauthorized persons,
    g) Staying in time beyond that, which is necessary to park or move the car out of the Parking,
    h) Movement of pedestrians on downhill ramps,
    i) Driving with two-wheelers on downhill ramps,
    j) Running across the road.
    k) Car service, including repairing, washing, vacuuming the car (excluding the car wash), exchange of fluids, refueling or oil filling, tires swap, as well as polluting the Parking;
    l) The provision of paid services which have not been agreed with ADGAR.
  4. In the underground Parking, it is obligatory to drive with switched on passing lights.


  1. Complaints and proposals related to the use of the Parking should be reported to Green and Efficiency Services Real Estate Solutions Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company) Spółka Komandytowa (limited partnership) Al. Jerozolimskie 181B, 02-222 Warsaw:


  1. These Regulations shall take effect on 1 March 2015 and shall be valid for Parking users as of 6:00 of that day.
  2. The extract of the Regulations can be viewed at the entrance to the external parking lot and the reception desks of Adgar PLAZA.


  1. The provisions of these Regulations shall prevail over any other arrangements, including contracts, defining the rules of using the Parking. The above statement does not apply to the principles of payment for the use of parking spaces.
  2. Within the meaning of these Regulations, the User is any person driving the vehicle on the premises of the Parking,

Annex NO. 1, the Price List according to the valid price list displayed in the Parking.
Annex NO. 2, the Fire Safety Instructions.