These regulations (“Regulations”) govern the rules for using parking spaces inside and outside Adgar BIT’s building.

„ADGAR” – owner of Adgar BIT’s Building represented by the manager of the complex.
Access Card – proximity card assigned to a User to access the Car Park, programmed on the basis of a separate contract.
Car Park – ground car park with parking spaces in front of Adgar BIT’s building.
Personnel – security company workers.
Staff – any person driving a vehicle in the Car Park.


  1. By entering the Car Park premises with a vehicle, the driver and any other vehicle user (including a passenger) undertakes to comply with the provisions of these Regulations which specify the rules for using the Car Park. The use of the Car Park means vehicle movement, stopping or halting on the Car Park premises.
  2. The Car Park User shall be obliged to observe all the instructions given by security services, Adgar security workers and managers (hereinafter referred to as the “Staff”).
  3. Traffic on the Car Park Premises shall take place according to the instructions given by ADGAR workers or the Staff and installed road signs. The provisions of the Act of 20 June 1997 shall apply accordingly. Road Traffic Law (Journal of Laws No. 98, item 602 as amended)
  4. The Car Park User agrees to be charged fees by ADGAR (single entry ticket “Ticket”) for using the Car Park in accordance with the price list attached as Appendix 1 to these Regulations (“Price List”), unless the Car Park User uses the Car Park pursuant to a separate contract entered into with ADGAR.
  5. A driver of a vehicle used on the premises of Adgar BIT shall hold a licence required by the law which meets requirements as defined by the law.


  1. The Car Park managed by ADGAR is supervised and unguarded, where parking spaces are made available pursuant to a purchase, lease contract or separate arrangements with ADGAR.
  2. In order to ensure safety on the Car Park premises, the Staff shall be entitled to inspect a vehicle, including its technical condition, contents of the boot, including external racks and inner part of the vehicle. The vehicle User shall be obliged to stop the vehicle in the place designated by the Staff and then assist the Staff during the above-mentioned inspection.
  3. The Car Park User shall be entitled to use the infrastructure of the Car Park only to park the vehicle and approach the parked vehicle in order to leave the Car Park. In order to ensure safety, pedestrian traffic on the ramps is prohibited.
  4. Cyclists may use passageways only in order to reach the designated parking spaces and shower rooms. Cyclists shall be obliged to carry their bicycles on the entry ramp (riding a bicycle is prohibited).
  5. It is forbidden to leave bicycles in unauthorised places.


  1. The parking space may be used with an Access Card depending on the type of the subscription bought.
  2. The number of Access Cards to the Car Park for the lessee is equal to the number of rented parking spaces, unless otherwise provided for in separate provisions of the lease contract.
  3. The Car Park may be accessed by Users 24h/7 days a week. The time of using the Car Park for Access Card holders is also specified by separate contracts or arrangements.
  4. An Access Card holder who exceeds the parking time permitted by the type of the Access Card held must pay an additional fee in the amount specified in the Price List or a separate contract.
  5. Renting a parking space requires entering into a contract with Adgar or buying a subscription from the building security workers for renting a parking space in the subscription system and/or as otherwise agreed upon with ADGAR.


  1. A fee for parking shall be charged according to the subscription Price List.
  2. A fee for parking shall be paid at the building security cash desk (individuals) or by bank transfer (companies).
  3. Drivers may leave the Car Park only with the use of the card.
  4. The Access Card entitles drivers to park only in designated places.
  5. The holder of the subscription bought (in the event of a problem with entering the car park premises) must provide their data given during the purchase of the subscription and immediately report to the security worker to have their right to enter the car park premises verified.
  6. The holder of the subscription with access to the car park, in the event of a problem with leaving the car park (a defective access card or car park system) must call security workers via the intercom system (a headphone button in the car park column). After verification of the right, the barrier shall be raised manually by the staff.
  7. Leaving the Car Park without the access card (e.g. following another vehicle) shall be treated as an offence or cheating and will be reported to the police.
  8. ADGAR considers a person submitting the Access Card to be entitled to drive and exit the Car Park in a given vehicle.
  9. The User may request an invoice at the reception desk of the security workers by leaving the data for the invoice. The invoice shall be issued within 7 days and delivered to the User as agreed.


  1. Drivers shall be liable for any damage caused on the Car Park premises. The liability shall cover also damage connected with making the Car Park dirty. The User shall promptly notify an ADGAR worker or the Staff about the incident and make a declaration in writing no later than before leaving the Car Park.
  2. ADGAR shall not be liable for any damage, destruction or loss of a vehicle, its equipment or property left therein by the Car Park User.
  3. ADGAR shall not be liable for things left on the Car Park premises, and if they are left, ADGAR may request their removal at the expense of their owner.
  4. ADGAR shall be liable for damage caused by the Staff. The User shall immediately notify the Staff of damage caused, not later than before leaving the Car Park.
  5. Any damage caused on the Car Park premises shall be removed under the compulsory insurance of the damage perpetrator. ADGAR shall not be obliged to determine or investigate who is liable for the damage.
  6. A person with an Access Card or Ticket shall be regarded by ADGAR as authorised to enter the Car Park, drive the vehicle on the Car Park premises and exit the Car Park.
  7. In justified cases, ADGAR may require the production of a document valid for driving a vehicle.


  1. The User shall be obliged to use the card to enter the Car Park.
  2. The User shall be obliged to notify ADGAR of losing the Access Card via the facility security worker.
  3. The User shall be obliged to secure the vehicle against unauthorised persons. It is forbidden to activate sound signals in the alarms activating in other circumstances than an attempt to break into a vehicle. The violation of this prohibition, as long as it does not cause noise, results in the obligation to pay a fee specified in the Price List. Leaving sound signals may also result in claims made by people and institutions that have suffered damage for this reason.
  4. It is recommended not to leave valuable items in the vehicle. ADGAR shall not be liable for stolen items and the resulting damage caused by the theft.
  5. The Car Park Users’ liability for the damage caused by such Users shall be governed by the relevant provisions of civil law.


  1. Vehicles must be parked only in designated spaces, except for reserved spaces which are graphically marked. If the User fails to comply with the above-mentioned obligation, ADGAR shall be entitled to tow the vehicle away at the expense of the User or also charge an additional fee according to the applicable Price List in the event of occupying more than one parking space, even if the occupation is only partial.
  2. ADGAR shall have the rights referred to in section VIII.1 above in the event of the User’s occupying more than one park space, unless the contract for the use of the Car Park stipulates that more than one parking space is explicitly allowed.
  3. The User shall be required to respect the road signs and other terms of using the Car Park, as well as comply with the Staff’s instructions. ADGAR shall be authorised to remove the vehicle in the event of an emergency and reasonable risk.
  4. For failure to comply with the terms of using the garage ADGAR may impose a reasonable financial penalty on the User.
  5. In special cases the Staff may tow the vehicle away.
  6. The Staff may place a sticker on the vehicle informing the User of violating the regulations.


  1. The provisions of the road traffic code shall apply on the Car Park premises.
  2. The speed limit of 10 km/h shall apply on the Car Park premises.
  3. On the Car Park premises, including in parking spaces, internal roads, vehicles as well as entry and exit ramps it is prohibited:
    a) Smoke tobacco and use open fire, drink alcohol as well as use drugs,
    b) Store fuels, flammable substances and empty fuel containers,
    c) Fuel vehicles,
    d) Leave a vehicle with the engine running,
    e) Park vehicles with leaky systems,
    f) Unauthorised persons staying on the Car Park premises,
    g) Pedestrians walking on exit ramps, except for cyclists carrying bicycles,
    h) Run through the road,
    i) Service cars, including: repair, wash, hoover cars (excluding a car wash), replace fluids, add fuel or oil, replace tyres, as well as make the Car Park dirty,
    j) Provide services against a charge that are not agreed upon with ADGAR.
  4. Drivers must drive cars with dimmers on in the underground Car Park.


  1. Complaints and requests connected with the use of the Car Park must be submitted to the following address: Adgar BCII Sp. z o.o. Sp. kom., Al. Jerozolimskie 181B, 02-222 Warszawa.


  1. These Regulations shall take effect on 1 August 2016 and may be amended by ADGAR at any time, about which ADGAR shall immediately notify the Users.
  2. An extract of the Regulations may be consulted at the entry in the underground car park and at the security workers’ place.


  1. The provisions of these Regulations shall take precedence over any other arrangements and contracts to the extent of the rules for using the Car Park. The above-mentioned provision shall not apply to rules for paying for parking spaces agreed on in separate contracts.
  2. For violation of any of the above-mentioned provisions, Adgar / the owner of the building/facility Manager may impose a penalty of PLN 1000.00 – 5000.00 per incident.


  1. Fee for towing away a vehicle that is parked in a prohibited place and for the reasons specified in the Regulations of using the Car Park – PLN 550 gross plus the cost of the car park to which the vehicle is towed.
  2. Fee for lost card – the deposit of gross PLN 200 (individuals) shall be forfeited for the benefit of Adgar
  3. Fee for the issue of a new card – gross PLN 200
  4. Penalty for leaving the vehicle with a sound signal on – gross PLN 100