These regulations (hereinafter: the “Regulations”) govern the use of parking spaces outside and inside the
Adgar Renaissance Tower building.
Definitions of terms:
“ADGAR” – Owner of the Adgar Renaissance Tower represented by the manager of the complex
Administrator – Adgar BCIX Sp. z o.o., ul. Skierniewicka 10A, 01-230 Warsaw
Access Card – a proximity card assigned to the User, providing access to the Parking Lot, programmed under a separate agreement.
Ticket Office – a ticket office for the payment of fees located within the Adgar Renaissance Tower Building
Parking lot – a multi-storey parking lot with parking spaces next to the Adgar Renaissance Tower building
Staff – Security and Reception staff
GDPR – Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) no. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive no. 95/46/EC.
User – any person driving a vehicle in the Parking Lot.


1. By entering the Parking Lot in a vehicle, the driver and any other user of the vehicle (including the passenger) undertakes to comply with the provisions of these Regulations defining the rules for the use of the Parking Lot. The use of the Parking Lot involves the movement of a vehicle, parking or stopping of a vehicle on its premises.
2. The User of the Parking Lot is obliged to obey all instructions of the parking attendants, Adgar security staff and management staff (hereinafter: the “Staff”).
3. Traffic in the Parking Lot shall proceed as indicated by ADGAR employees or Staff and the installed traffic signs. The provisions of the Road Traffic Law of 20 June 1997 (Journal of Laws No. 98, item 602, as amended) apply accordingly.
4. The User of the Parking Lot agrees that ADGAR may charge fees (Single Entry Ticket – “Ticket”) for using the Parking Lot, in accordance with the price list constituting appendix No. 1 to these Regulations (“Price List”), unless he/she uses the Parking Lot on the basis of a separate agreement signed with ADGAR.
5. The driver of a vehicle on the premises of the Adgar Renaissance Tower should have the legally required licence, meeting the requirements set out by law.


1. The parking lot operated by ADGAR is a supervised, unguarded parking lot in which parking spaces are provided based on the purchase of a Ticket, rental agreements or separate arrangements with ADGAR

2. In order to ensure safety in the Parking Lot, the Personnel shall have the right to inspect the vehicle, including checking its technical condition, inspecting the contents of the boot, including the external boot, as well as the interior of the vehicle. The User of the vehicle is obliged to stop the vehicle at the place indicated by the Staff and then provide assistance during the above inspection activities.
3. Users of the Parking Lot shall be entitled to use the facilities of the Parking Lot for the sole purpose of parking their vehicle and accessing the parked vehicle in order to leave the Parking Lot. To ensure safety, pedestrian traffic is prohibited on the ramps.
4. Cyclists are permitted to use the carriageway only to reach the designated parking areas.
5. It is forbidden to leave bicycles in places not intended for this purpose.


1. Use of a parking place within the Parking Lot is authorized by an Access Card, depending on the type of subscription or the Ticket purchased.
2. The number of parking lot access cards for a given tenant is equal to the number of rented parking spaces, unless otherwise specified in separate provisions, e.g., in the rental agreement.
3. The Parking Lot is available to users 24/7. The time of use of the Parking Lot for Access Card holders is also determined by the provisions of separate agreements or arrangements.
4. An Access Card Holder who exceeds the parking time to which his/her card type entitles him/her is obliged to pay an additional fee in the amount specified in the Price List or a separate agreement.
5. The condition for the rental of a parking space is the signing of a contract with Adgar for the rental of a space on a subscription basis and/or other arrangements with ADGAR, on an hourly basis with the collection of a Ticket.


1. Parking fees are charged in accordance with the Price List.
2. The parking fee is paid at the marked Ticket Office or according to the terms and conditions specified in the rental agreement.
3. Payment can be made at the automatic parking ticket office on level 0.
4. Tenants have the right to validate parking tickets for their guests at their own expense.
5. The driver of the vehicle may not leave the Parking Lot until the parking fee has been paid at the Ticket Office.
6. A ticket or Access Card entitles you to park in designated spaces only.
7. Once the Ticket has been paid, the vehicle driver has 20 minutes to leave the Parking Lot without additional charge. If this time is exceeded, the fee for using the parking lot will be charged according to the price list, for each hour started.
8. In case of problems with entering the parking lot, a holder of purchased subscription is obliged to collect a single-use ticket and immediately report to the security officer at the reception desk with the collected ticket. Once the authorisation has been verified, the exit will be possible free of charge.
9. Holders of a subscription with access to the parking lot should call security using the intercom system (handset button in the parking column) in the event of problems with exit (access card or parking system not working). Once the authorisation has been verified, the barrier will be raised manually by staff.
10. Commercial users of the parking lot (single ticket) in the event of difficulties with exit (problem with card, payment) should immediately contact the Staff using the intercom system (handset button in the parking column or the Ticket Office) and then, if necessary, go to the Reception Desk to deal with the formalities.
11. In the event of a malfunction of the Ticket Office, please report to the Reception Desk.
12. The fee for a lost ticket is PLN 50 gross and is payable at the building’s Reception Desk.
13. Leaving the Parking Lot without a paid Ticket (e.g., behind another vehicle) will be treated as an offence or extortion and reported to the police station.
14. ADGAR recognizes the person presenting the Access Card or Ticket as authorized to drive and exit the Parking Lot in the vehicle in question.
15. The User may request an invoice at the reception desk, leaving details for invoicing. An invoice will be issued within 7 days and delivered to the User electronically.


1. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for any damage caused to the Parking Lot. Liability shall also cover damage to and/or contamination of the Parking Lot. The User is obliged to immediately inform an ADGAR employee or staff of the incident in question and make a statement in writing, no later than before leaving the Parking Lot.
2. ADGAR shall not be liable for damage, destruction, damage and loss of the vehicle, its equipment and property left in it by the user of the Parking Lot.
3. ADGAR is not responsible for items left in the Parking Lot and, if left, may have them removed at the owner’s expense.
4. ADGAR is liable for culpable damage caused by the Staff. The User is obliged to inform the Staff of the damage immediately, but no later than before leaving the Parking Lot.
5. Any damage caused in the Parking Lot shall be dealt with under the mandatory Third Party Liability insurance of the perpetrator of the damage. ADGAR is not obliged to determine or investigate who is the perpetrator of the damage.
6. An Access Card or Ticket holder is recognized by ADGAR as authorized to enter the Parking Lot, drive the vehicle in the Parking Lot, and exit the Parking Lot.
7. In justified cases, ADGAR may request to see a document authorising to drive the vehicle.


1. The fee for a lost, destroyed or not returned Access Card upon expiry of the agreement will be charged according to the Price List.
2. The User is obliged to notify ADGAR of the loss of the Access Card.
3. The User is obliged to secure the vehicle against unauthorised persons. The activation of audible signals in alarms triggered in circumstances other than an attempt to break into the vehicle is prohibited. Violation of the above prohibition, insofar as it results in noise, shall result in the payment of the fee set out in the Price List. Leaving the acoustic signal activated may also result in a claim by persons and institutions that have suffered damage because of it.
4. It is advisable not to leave valuables in the vehicle. ADGAR is not responsible for stolen items or damage caused by theft.
5. The liability of the user of the Parking Lot for damage caused by him/her is governed by the relevant provisions of civil law



1. Vehicles may only be parked in designated parking spaces with the exception of reserved spaces appropriately graphically marked. If the User fails to comply with the aforementioned obligation, ADGAR is entitled to tow the vehicle away at the User’s expense or to charge an additional fee in accordance with the applicable Price List in the event of occupation of more than one parking space, even if the occupation is only partial.
2. The rights referred to in paragraph 1 above shall be vested in ADGAR in the event that the user occupies more than one parking space, unless the agreement on the use of the Parking Lot expressly grants the right to use more than one parking space.
3. The User is obliged to respect traffic signs and other conditions of use of the Parking Lot and to follow the instructions of the Staff. ADGAR is authorised to remove the vehicle in the event of an urgent and justified emergency.
4. ADGAR may impose a reasonable financial penalty on the User for failure to comply with the conditions of use of the garage.
5. In special cases, the Staff may have the vehicle towed away.
6. The Staff may place a sticker on the vehicle indicating that regulations have been broken.


1. The provisions of the Highway Code apply in the Parking Lot.
2. Exceeding the speed limit of 10 km/h is prohibited in the Parking Lot,
3. The following are prohibited in the Parking Lot including parking spaces, internal roads, vehicles and entrance and exit ramps:
a) Smoking and the use of open fires, drinking alcohol and the use of intoxicants,
b) Storage of fuels, flammable substances and empty fuel containers,
c) Refuelling of vehicles,
d) Leaving the car with the engine running,
e) Parking of vehicles with leaking systems,
f) The presence of unauthorised persons,
g) Pedestrian movement on exit ramps.
h) Running across the road,
i) Car servicing, including: repairing, washing, vacuuming the car (except in a car wash) changing
fluids, topping up fuel or oil, changing tyres, as well as polluting the Parking Lot,
j) Performing for-profit services not approved by ADGAR.
4. It is compulsory to drive with dipped headlights on in the underground parking lot.


1. The controller of personal data of persons using the parking lot is Adgar BCV Sp. z o.o. Sp. komandytowa, Al. Jerozolimskie 181B, 02-222 Warsaw.
2. The controller may collect, inter alia, data such as identification data (including the vehicle licence plate) and the images of individuals.
3. The controller processes personal data of persons using the parking lot for the following purposes:

a) Conclusion and performance of the contract (Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR)
b) Fulfilment of the Controller’s legal obligations in connection with its business, arising from the law, including tax obligations, reporting obligations, concerning the retention of certain documentation, prevention of fraud (Article 6(1)(c) of the GDPR) c) the pursuit of the legitimate interests of the Controller, including but not limited to: ensuring security, direct marketing of products and services, relationship management, monitoring and improving service quality, establishing, asserting or defending claims, preventing fraud, as well as the pursuit of other legitimate administrative purposes of the group to which the Controller belongs (Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR).
4. In connection with the processing of personal data of parking lot users for the purposes indicated in the paragraph above, the Controller may disclose personal data of parking lot users to the following categories of recipients:
a) public authorities and bodies performing public tasks or acting on behalf of public authorities, to the extent and for the purposes provided for by law, e.g., tax office, police, courts
b) entities related to the Controller, including within the group to which the Controller belongs, in the pursuit of the legitimate internal administrative purposes of that group
c) entities processing personal data on behalf of and at the request of the Company, including, but not limited to, providers of IT services, management services, security services for persons and property, operating the parking lot video surveillance and vehicle number plate recognition system.
5. The Company is part of the Adgar Group whose parent company is located in Israel, i.e., outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Where justified, personal data of parking lot users may be subject to transfer to a third country (i.e., outside the EEA), including to a country where the EU Commission has not found an adequate level of data protection. The controller will ensure adequate safeguards for the transfer of data outside the EEA, in particular by using appropriate legal mechanisms (e.g., standard contractual clauses, the content of which has been established by the European Commission). Persons using the parking lot have the right to obtain a copy of this data from the Controller and to indicate where it has been made available.
6. The personal data of persons using the parking lot will be kept by the Controller for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes indicated in item 3 above. In particular, with regard to the performance of the contract, the personal data of persons using the parking lot will be stored for the
duration of the contract and thereafter for the period and to the extent required by law or for the performance by the Controller of the legitimate interests of the data controller (to the extent set out in item 2 above).
7. In connection with the Controller’s processing of the personal data of persons using the parking lot, such persons shall have the following rights:
a) the right to request access to personal data, including the right to obtain a copy of that data;
b) the right to request the rectification (amendment) of personal data if the data is inaccurate or incomplete;
c) the right to request the erasure of personal data (the so-called “right to be forgotten”) in the cases indicated in the GDPR;
d) the right to request the restriction of the processing of personal data;
e) the right to object to the processing of personal data;
f) the right to portability of personal data;

g) where the processing of personal data is based on the consent given to such processing – the right to withdraw consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing carried out on the basis of the consent prior to the withdrawal;
h) the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority – if processing of your personal data by the Controller is deemed to be in breach of the GDPR.
8. The provision of personal data is a condition for the conclusion of the contract and its execution. The processing of personal data is also necessary for the Controller to fulfil its obligations under the law, as well as necessary for the purposes of the Controller’s legitimate interests indicated herein, and it is also necessary for the use of the parking lot.
9. For all matters relating to the Controller’s processing of personal data, including in order to exercise the rights of persons using the parking lot referred to above, please contact the Controller at the address indicated in item 1 above.


Complaints and requests relating to the use of the Parking Lot should be reported to: Adgar BCIX Sp. z o.o. Sp. kom., ul. Skierniewicka 10A, 01-230 Warsaw.


1. These Regulations are effective as of 1 September 2023 and may be amended by ADGAR at any time, of which ADGAR will notify users immediately.
2. An extract from the Regulations is available at the entrance to the underground parking lot and at the any time, of which ADGAR will notify users immediately


1. The provisions of these Regulations shall take precedence over any other agreement or contract regarding the rules for the use of the Parking Lot. The above does not apply to the principles of payment for the use of parking spaces established in separate agreements.
2. For breach of any of the aforementioned provisions, Adgar / the building owner / the Building Manager may impose a fine of PLN 1,000.00 – PLN 5,000.00 per incident.

1. Each commenced hour costs PLN 8 /hour (multi-storey parking lot) or PLN 10/hour (parking lot on level “0”)
2. Fee for towing away a vehicle which has been parked in an unauthorised place and for reasons specified in the parking lot regulations – PLN 1000 net, plus the cost of the parking lot to which the vehicle has been towed.
3. Lost ticket fee – PLN 50 gross
4. Fee for issuing a new or returning a lost access card – PLN 80 gross
5. Penalty for leaving vehicle with acoustic signal activated – PLN 100 gross