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While building Brain Embassy, we knew we would like to offer unique added value that any other coworking places serve. That’s why we have designed curated program, as we do believe that in the future we need new skills - it is high time for soft skills over hard ones - these will be overtaken by machines and robots, so we decided to shape at Brain Embassy set of human-oriented future competencies.

System thinking is ability to understand how things influence one another within a whole, the best example is the human body and changes in medicine, which is slowly emerging: from division to expertise to holistic approach - seeing the connection of the back pain with internal organs and stressful occurrences in life. In Brain we invite projects related to climate, like responsible fashion and consumption in general.

Creative problem-solving is the act of defining a problem; determining the cause of the problem; identifying, prioritizing, selecting alternatives for a solution; prototyping, testing and implementing a solution. In Brain we use creative methods like design thinking, points of you, dragon dreaming so as to create solutions for the future.

Social intelligence is the capacity to know oneself and to know others. Social Intelligence develops from experience with people and learning from success and failures in social settings. It is the skill to live in a community. In Brain we develop this competence on every single step - our house rules, breakfasts, meetups, points of you sessions – everything we do is reminding people that we are better together and we are all related.

Conscious leadership answering the following areas:


You spend your energy everyday. Do you take care of its flow every day? Are health, vitality and energy important values in your team, organization and family? What practices counteract energy burnout?

Being in the now

The dynamics of life and work require the ability to concentrate and direct one’s attention. How productive are you at work? And at home? How do you deal with your stress in the team, at home? What practices strengthen the right actions and decisions, giving the peace of mind?


You won’t achieve anything significant alone today. Can you turn on and give space to others? Do you want to be right or build a dedicated team creating innovative solutions? Do you use new methods of cocreation? What community are you part of?


Even in the business world, we’re human, so let’s not pretend we don’t have feelings. How to increase the respect and authority of you as a leader? How does emotional intelligence increase your managerial effectiveness? How to manage moods in the team and at home?


When you act from your potential, you are effective and credible. How to strengthen self-esteem and confidence? Can you give others a boost? Do you do this at work, at home? Is your personal brand consistent with how others see you?

The key to create a program is welcoming at Brain Embassy everything that helps to achieve these beliefs, e.g yoga sessions, mindfulness sessions, healthy food & snacks, self-energy management workshops, awaken talents of future leaders, climate wise workshops and hackathons, parties with families and friends, smart networking, having fun, problem-solving sessions, innovation designing, healing workshops, mentoring with conscious leaders and C-level experts, actions with NGOs etc.

Moreover, we are open for Partnerships that are connected with the response to signals from the future that are already on the horizon: women empowerment worldwide, solutions for climate and communities in need, sensing over thinking approach, self-awareness and sense making products and services, changes in capitalism, new way we relate to each other, technology in service to human not opposite, circular economy projects, going from ego to eco systems of management and more. We love to gather communities that are connected with these topics.