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How to create community and organize events in the middle of the pandemic? Few words about our amphitheater

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Amphitheater Brain Embassy

We always saw in the community real power to make changes. As a brand focused on humans, we also wanted to strengthen the relations in a local group, for example between people in the Mokotów district, where we now have 4 coworking spaces. The vision of co-creating motivated us to create a green amphitheater open for everybody. Events space in the heart of Służewiec is also the best solution for epidemic restrictions and the desire for meetings with other people.    

Events, open in the fresh air, that inspires to create events other than usual

Plants need fertile soil and organizers - a good place for an event. If ideas are planted on the rich ground, they can bloom as an amazing experience that attracts a big group of people. On the other hand, if an environment is unfavorable, the vision of a great event will be locked in mind. Unfortunately because of the pandemic which changed our life over 1,5 year ago, organizers needed to hide almost all of their ideas in their pockets.  We believe that it's worth seeing a chance in every crisis, that's why we built in the Mokotów district a unique amphitheater. But to be honest, the verb "build" doesn't sound right, cause it is not only about building. The most important thing is the possibility to meet, talk with and listen to another person. We connected organizers need to work with people longing for being close to each other. The result of our work is an open space for every event, value meetings, and speeches for all Mokotów residents, and people from other parts of Warsaw. From the beginning of our brand we want to show clients a bigger perspective, inspiring them to change the way how they work or in this case, to create events different than always.

Amfiteatr Brain Embassy nocą

The amphitheater enables participants to open for quite new experiences, spending time outdoors and feeling the fresh air. Being outside a building is a dream for most of society. People want to overcome pandemic challenges and say goodbye to extended winter. Events in the fresh air are one of the rare solutions for organizing safe events. Outdoor conference spaces are a good alternative for training rooms. By organizing events outside the building, organizers resolve doubts for participants, who are scared of being in the bigger group of people. Events becoming a part of public life enables organizers to reach new recipients. If you are the brand promoting itself in a popular place, you attract passersby and they could be your new clients. The other benefit of organizing events outside is that grey walls inside the training room in the middle of a sunny day are like a punishment. So, instead of killing enthusiasm in your group, you can easily arouse it, motivate participants by inviting them to an event in space unlimited by walls or possibilities. 

Teatr na deskach Amfiteatru

Event space prepared for any kind of event

For the event in our amphitheater, we offer you a stage window with dimensions of 11.5 x 4 m, 140 seats, WiFi access, places for people with disabilities, zone lighting, and a RING light along with a concrete dome, with which you can turn the event into a real spectacle by choosing colors from the entire spectrum of RGB colors. When the weather isn't on our side, we always have a backup - an event space on the 6th floor of the Adgar BIT building, next to the amphitheater. 

Amfiteatr Brain Embassy

The form of an amphitheater enables you to organize different types of events, for example inspiring speeches, demo days, fairs, picnics, interviews, press conferences, artistic evenings, and openings. For this moment we organized concerts, painting with wine, free bike service, press conference Real Estate Market Forum, and meeting under the stars with cosmos amateurs from Space Hub that brought together in one place people who love to look at the sky. A variety of events beyond the business market showed us potential hiding in this green event space and that people want to exchange their experiences if they have a good opportunity to do that. The amphitheater is also an excellent space for team meetings because the company can here organize substantive and entertaining parts. We don't want to limit the creativity of our clients, that's why we built a solid base on which you can create an event that meets your every need. The amphitheater is surrounded by a green island and relaxation zone that gives residents fresh air between office buildings. The surface of a square that surrounds the stage resembles a revitalized, vibrant promenade in Tel Aviv. The relaxation zone invites passersby to stop in their fast life. Benches and fun zones awaken people’s desire to calm down and relax, which they can truly feel while being fully involved in work or duties. The amphitheater is inscribed in a circle, which on the one hand is a trough with an auditorium, and on the other, a huge concrete and glass roof supported by a massive, raw reinforced concrete wall.

The amphitheater was built on the premises of the Adgar BIT building (ul. Konstruktorska 11), where one of our 4 Warsaw coworking spaces is located. This is where Brainers can achieve their professional goals.